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Martin Roberts left dumfounded by Homes Under the Hammer property: ‘What is going on?’

Heading inside he said: “Immediately, a very strange layout, you come into this little covered area here, almost like a lean-to, there’s more outbuildings there, lots of steps into the kitchen, it’s very, very small, and obviously it hasn’t been touched in many years. 

“You carry on into the lounge area, another little anti-room off there, looks like you’ve got central heating which is good – what kind of state it is in I don’t know. 

“So that’s it – no it isn’t, it continues into this area here,” he teased. “It’s almost like – it’s so long and thin, this end of the property. 

“There’s a loo there,” he pointed out before turning around and commenting: “It’s just…stairs… what is going on with this place?” 

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