Matt Hancock’s wife Martha leaves home still wearing her wedding ring after husband’s shock affair exposed

MATT Hancock’s wife has been seen leaving her home still wearing her wedding ring after her husband’s shocking affair was exposed.

Martha Hancock, who has been married to the Health Secretary for 15 years, was seen walking with her dog hours after the bombshell news.

Nigel Howard

Matt Hancock’s wife Martha gave a saddened half-smile as she stepped out in dark sunglasses[/caption]

Nigel Howard

Martha was spotted this morning with her wedding ring still on her fighter[/caption]

Health Secretary Matt Hancock kissing and embracing aide Gina Coladangelo
Health Secretary Matt Hancock kissing and embracing aide Gina Coladangelo

She gave a saddened half-smile as she stepped out in dark sunglasses this morning after The Sun exposed her husband’s affair last night.

Mr Hancock cheated on his wife with Gina Coladangelo, 43, who he hired last year with taxpayers’ money, as Covid gripped Britain.

Mr Hancock, 42, and millionaire lobbyist Gina were caught on camera in a steamy clinch at his Whitehall office.

Whistleblowers revealed the Health Secretary had been ­spotted cheating on his wife of 15 years with married Ms ­Coladangelo.

He was seen kissing her at the Department of Health’s London HQ during office hours last month as the mutant strain began spreading.

Matt Hancock married Martha, an osteopath, in 2006 and the pair have three children together.

Nigel Howard

She was seen walking with her dog this morning[/caption]

Matt Hancock on a day out with wife Martha earlier this month
Matt Hancock on a day out with wife Martha earlier this month
Nigel Howard

Martha stepped into her car hours after the affair was exposed[/caption]

A Whitehall whistleblower told The Sun it was “shocking that Mr Hancock was having an affair in the middle of a pandemic with an adviser and friend he used public money to hire”.

Last night, a friend of the Health Secretary said: “He has no comment on personal matters. No rules have been broken.”

Mr Hancock was pictured embracing his aide. The image was from just after 3pm on May 6 — as the rest of Westminster was engrossed by the local elections.

He is seen in his distinctive ninth-floor office inside the sprawling Department of Health building, which is a stone’s throw from the Houses of Parliament.

During the pandemic, the office has provided the backdrop to his Zoom appearances on TV — including the Andrew Marr Show.

Mr Hancock is seen checking the corridor is clear before closing the door and then leaning on it to ensure he cannot be disturbed.

Ms Coladangelo then walks towards him and the pair begin their passionate embrace.

According to a whistleblower, who used to work at the department, the pair have regularly been caught in clinches together.

The source said: “They have tried to keep it a secret but everyone knows what goes on inside a building like that.”

Bombshell pictures show Mr Hancock canoodling with glamorous pal Gina who he hired as an aide

Mr Hancock leaves No10 ahead of Gina Coladangelo in May 2020[/caption]


Gina Coladangelo with a smiling Matt Hancock at BBC Broadcasting House earlier this month[/caption]

Like many a Tory MP before him, Mr Hancock drifted from an elite public school to Oxford to read philosophy, politics and economics — the training manual for Britain’s modern political class.

It was at Oxford that his path first crossed with Gina Coladangelo, a fellow undergraduate who would remain a close pal for the next two decades.

But it was his fateful decision to hire her — first as an unpaid adviser last April and then as a £15,000-a-year non-executive director at the Health Department — that could yet be his undoing.

Mr Hancock has spent the past few weeks dodging claims he ­bungled his handling of the bug — and was left embarrassed over leaked texts in which the PM branded him “f***ing hopeless”.

Just this week, the Queen was overheard describing the exhausted minister as a “poor man” but still “full of promise”.

Despite the runaway success of the vaccine rollout, it was already shaping up to be a bruising summer for the usually energetic Tory amid rumours he was for the chop at a pending reshuffle.

He has been dogged by “chumocracy” claims that he had hired his mates and given party donors special VIP access to Covid ­contracts.

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