Meet Lucy Plunkett – the Irish girl tipped to be entering the Love Island villa

MEET the Irish girl tipped to be going into this year’s Love Island.

Lucy Plunkett has confirmed to pals that she was approached by Love Island bosses to enter the villa later this month.


Dubliner Lucy is tipped to be one of the bombshell contestants entering the villa[/caption]

Lucy has confirmed that she was approached to pals
Lucy is looking for love after splitting with her longtime partner but her pals said she is picky
The 20-year-old runs her own clothing company and will no doubt showcase the clothes on the show

And the 20-year-old bares a striking resemblance to former Love Island contestant Molly Mae Hague.

A friend of Lucy’s told the Irish Sun that she is ready to find love on the show after splitting with a long-term love.

“She was in a long term relationship and she thinks she is now ready to find someone again after having her heart broken. She is very picky so I think she may find it hard to find someone.

“She’s looking for a man who is loyal and isn’t too controlling. She’s very much a free spirit who beats to her own drum.”


Like many stars who appear on the show, she didn’t apply herself, she was contacted through her Instagram.

“They contacted her through Instagram to go on an audition. She had to do multiple rounds of auditions but was told she had a really good chance as the producers loved her.”

And the Northsider is hoping to fly the flag for the capital.

“She’s very excited and can’t wait to represent Dublin. She is the first Dubliner to be on the show from the north side and wants to show Dubliner’s humour.”

Her friend said that while she may appear ‘mean’ on the show, she is loved by her pals and is a ‘sweetheart.’


“I expect her to be herself. She sometimes may come across as mean or a b****h because of her honest nature but she is a girl’s girl and is a sweet heart once you get to know her.

“But if someone crosses her she won’t have a problem speaking her mind, she can be problematic!”

Lucy boasts over 12,000 followers on Instagram already, where her bio reads ‘My vibe right now is just living life’.

But her followers are expected to shoot up once she appears on screen.

She has been teasing her followers with hints about a ‘trip’ and has been showing off bikinis she bought, which she will be wearing if she enters the villa.

Her friend thinks Lucy will be entering as a ‘bombshell,’ which is one of the contestants designed to stir things up with existing couples.

She owns her own small clothing business called Lu.Le.Label but wanted to embrace the chance to do the show while she can.

Her friend told us: “She took the opportunity when it came to her. As you can tell by her Instagram, she’s a big believer that everything happens for a reason.”

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