Meghan Markle book’s ‘hidden message’ could show Prince Harry ‘doesn’t want to be British any more’, says expert

MEGHAN Markle’s book reveals a “hidden message” that could show Prince Harry “doesn’t want to be British any more”, claims a Royal expert.

The Duchess of Sussex‘s debut book, The Bench, features a red-haired soldier wearing an American uniform, points out author Angela Levin.

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Harry proudly served for a decade in the British army[/caption]

The Sun

But, a red-haired soldier in Meghan’s book is wearing an American uniform[/caption]

Meghan’s picture book for kids reached number five on Amazon’s bestsellers list on its June 8 launch – despite receiving mixed reviews.

Angela Levin, author of Harry: Biography of a Prince, spoke to Kay Burley on Sky News about the book, which seeks to “capture the special relationship between father and son, as seen through a mother’s eyes.”

She pointed out one page in particular, where a sobbing woman in a window is overcome after seeing a young red-haired man wearing an American soldier’s uniform, while holding his thrilled-looking son.

The page reads: “And here in the window I’ll have tears of great joy… looking out at my love and our beautiful boy.”

Angela suggested: “They have got obviously a caricature of Prince Harry, red hair with his son. And he is wearing an American army uniform.

“Now, is there something else there?”

“Is it ‘I don’t want to be British anymore? Is it a mistake because they thought this is what an Englishman wears when he is out in the Army?

“It has all sort of has innuendos and separate meanings,” she alleged.

PA:Press Association

Prince Harry is known for his strong commitment to the army[/caption]

PA:Press Association

The royal carried out tours of Afghanistan, picking up a number of gongs along the wa[/caption]

Prince Harry had a decade-long distinguished military career, rising to the rank of Captain.

The Duke of Sussex, had the service number 564673 and performed two tours of Afghanistan, picking up a number of gongs along the way.

His lawyer, Lawyer Jenny Afia, recently said in court documents, during a libel lawsuit that Harry was “proud to have served in the British armed forces for 10 years in Her Majesty’s name”.

She added that the royal “has maintained active links with those forces ever since and will continue to do so in the future.”

A spokesman for Harry said his “commitment to the military community is unquestionable”.


US soldiers fold a flag at a remote American Army combat outpost in northeastern Syria[/caption]


There is a difference in the Army uniforms, as can be seen above[/caption]

Angela has previously slated Harry as a ‘moaning victim’ who is editing out all the good the Royal family have done for him.

And the prince’s biographer clearly isn’t impressed with the Duchess’s writing.

She said: “I think if you want to write a book for children you don’t have to go into all these things. You can make it fun, make it interesting.

“Have some sort of interesting thought for the children to think about.

“But I don’t think anyone who wasn’t Meghan would have got this through the publisher.’

The mum-of-two was “inspired” to write the book after originally creating a poem for Harry’s first Father’s Day from their son.

Illustrations in the book show her holding Lilibet as Prince Harry is seen feeding chickens with little Archie.

Inside Meghan’s 34-page book The Bench, the pictures give a fresh glimpse into the Sussexes’ “authentic” life at their LA home – featuring their newborn daughter.

The watercolours were created by award-winning artist Christian Robinson – accompanying Meghan’s words.

The Mega Agency

Meghan wrote The Bench after creating a poem for Harry’s first Father’s Day from Archie[/caption]

Christian Robinson

Pink tutus also feature in this charming scene[/caption]

The mum’s pen name is given as: “Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex”.

With his recognisable ginger hair and beard, Harry appears alongside two-year-old Archie who sprinkles food for the animals while looking lovingly at his dad.

He is depicted cradling a smiling baby on a bench under a tree, alongside text which reads: “This is your bench, where life will begin, for you and our son, our baby, our kin.”

On another page, they are feeding chickens, alongside the text: “Where you’ll never be ‘lone”, as a woman – presumably Meghan – is pottering around in a garden with one of two dogs.

Another drawing shows a father and his son in pink ballet tutus practising their stretches.

The duchess’s new book appears to make a veiled reference to the Royal Megxit rift.

The book shows a Harry lookalike playing with a little boy, and fixing a toy dinosaur along with the words “when life feels in shambles, you’ll help him find order”.

The choice of words seems to make reference to the fallout the couple experienced after they stepped down as senior royals.

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