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Michelle Heaton says drugs and booze ravaged her body saying her hair fell out and weight dropped to under 8st

MICHELLE Heaton’s addiction to booze and drugs made her hair fall out and her weight dropped to under 8st.

Last month the star, 41, opened up about her “life saving” rehab stint at The Priory after a three-year addiction battle.

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Michelle Heaton’s hair fell out and her weight dropped to under 8st during her addiction to drugs and booze[/caption]


Michelle revealed photos of her damaged hair earlier this month[/caption]

The singer previously explained she was days from death after downing up to two bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka  “virtually every day since 2018,” and snorting cocaine.

Her dangerous habits had a devastating affect on her body as she lost a huge amount of weight and it made her lose hair.

Speaking out about the devastating ordeal, Michelle recently OK! magazine: “I was skinny but I had a very big hard belly and my liver was protruding.

“I also wasn’t washing for days and my hair was falling out and had become very thin because of the alcohol abuse and hormones. I’d gone down to 7st 13lbs.

“My body was shutting down and couldn’t function without the alcohol.

“I’d be sick with it but I’d be worse without it and shaking. So many times I would wake up in the morning and scream for help, knowing no one was in the house.”

Things started to spiral for Michelle when she found out that she was a carrier of the mutated BRCA2 gene.

She was told by doctors that this meant that she had an 85 per cent risk of breast cancer and up to a 40 per cent risk of ovarian cancer.

So the mum-of-two made the heartbreaking decision to have a mastectomy in 2012 and a hysterectomy in 2014.

Earlier this month Michelle showed how the excessive amount of drug taking and consuming alcohol ruined her hair.

She shared some “before” pictures of her hair before getting her tresses transformed.

Michelle shared the honest post highlighting the impact that “drugs and alcohol” can have on your appearance.

Alongside a pic of her damaged hair, the popstar wrote: “It’s funny (not really funny) but still funny, how stress … hormones … alcohol … drugs … diet … fitness all affects the hair!

“See my video at the end. This was filmed only this morning.

“That’s the harsh reality of what my hair became. And so this is me now.”

Michelle shot to fame in 2001 after placing second on ITV’s talent show Popstars.

The star is married to Hugh Hanley and they share Faith, nine, and son AJ, seven together.

After opening up about her four-week stay at The Priory she confessed her other half was left to raise their kids as a single parent during her three year coke and booze battle.

Michelle also recently confessed that she begged Hugh to leave her as she was convinced she was going to die.

She confessed: “I begged him to leave. It wasn’t like I wanted to commit suicide but I knew I was going to die and Hugh and the kids would have to go through that.”

But Hugh added: “I knew if I walked away she wouldn’t have made it.”


Michelle is back on track after her stay at The Priory[/caption]


Michelle with her husband Hugh and their two kids[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Michelle and Hugh tied the knot in 2010[/caption]


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