Molly-Mae Hague reveals she’s been diagnosed with endometriosis after ‘excruciating’ periods and is set to have surgery

MOLLY-MAE Hague has revealed she’s been diagnosed with endometriosis and will undergo surgery.

The Love Island star sought help after being left in “excruciating pain” while on her periods.

Molly-Mae Hague revealed she has endometriosis

In her latest YouTube vlog, she explained: “I actually have got to have an operation for something that I want to tell you guys about. It’s kind of a good thing and it’s kind of a bad thing.

“I’ve told you guys for so long now that I suffer with excruciating periods and so many of you guys were commenting on my videos telling me to check for endometriosis.”

The condition sees tissue from inside the womb grow in places outside of like the ovaries and Fallopian tubes.

Molly needed a second opinion from a specialist after her GP failed to spot what was wrong.


Molly-Mae will have surgery to treat it[/caption]

On average, it takes seven and a half years from the onset of symptoms to get a correct diagnosis.

Molly said: “Straight away they said ‘You absolutely do have endometriosis, it’s clear as day’. So I guess that’s kind of a good thing because at least I know now what it is.

“It’s not a good thing that I have endometriosis, because obviously it can affect fertility and loads of other things, and you can never really cure it.”

Instagram / Molly-Mae

Molly-Mae said she was relieved to know what was wrong with her[/caption]

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic condition which occurs when tissue from the lining of the womb is found outside of the womb – in areas of the body including the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, the abdomen and the bladder.

So what causes the condition that so many women suffers from?

The exact cause of the condition isn’t known, but it’s thought it could be hereditary or due to environmental factors – namely the presence of dioxins in the environment.

Meanwhile, other experts believe it could be caused by a process called retrograde menstruation, which is when the womb lining flows backwards through the Fallopian tubes into the abdomen, instead of leaving the body as a period.

Endometriosis can sometimes cause damage to the Fallopian tubes or ovaries, leading to fertility problems.

Other complications can include painful ovarian cysts and adhesions – areas of tissue which can fuse organs together.

Other celebrities have previously spoken out about their experience of the condition.

Model and mum-of-two Chrissy Teigen, 35, shared in February that after suffering a pregnancy loss, she was having surgery to treat the condition.

Girls star Lena Dunham revealed her decision to have a hysterectomy at the age of 31 to relieve her excruciating symptoms. She had lived with the condition for a decade and had eight operations to treat it.

In the UK, model and designer Alexa Chung shared a photo on Instagram in a hospital corridor tagging her post #endometriosisclub.

And Spice Girl Emma Bunton was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 25, and was warned she had a 50-50 chance of becoming a mum, as a result. She went on to have two sons.

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