Mum fuming after teacher mocks her nine-year-old son for waving goodbye to her at the school gates

ONE MUM is left fuming after a teacher mocked her nine-year-old son for simply waving goodbye to her at the school gates. 

Comedian Joanna Neary posted about her experience, where a teacher told her son not to wave at his mum, on Twitter.

Joanna Neary was left fuming at her school gate experience

Joanna explained: “Yesterday a male teacher openly mocked my son for turning back at the school gate to wave goodbye to me.

“Today my son said he wants to stop waving from now on. 

“This is how it starts.

“I’d love to be pointed in the direction of a group who tackle this stuff so I can be active too.

“But my internet connection here is so bad today, it’d be quicker to train as a stone mason and carve this message into the side of a cliff.”

The 49-year-old, That Mitchell and Webb Look actor, from Coventry, went on to express concerns that such an act could lead to long term changes in her son’s behaviour.

“For anyone saying this tweet is a critique of men or male teachers, you are completely wrong.

“I feel sorry for any teacher who feels the need to mock a nine-year-old for showing love and affection.

“What does it say about their childhood? 

“Be gentle with our boys. #howitstarts.”

Joanna’s Twitter thread quickly went viral, with 11.9k retweets, 1,548 quote tweets and over 102k likes, just a day after the thread was posted. 

Ms Neary later said that she hoped her son would “rediscover his happy waving self”.

She also added: “He’s only year 5.

“I know he’s getting bigger and I know I sound petty but in the current climate, it just feels like these are early warnings for male mental health.

“It’s just awful.

“I know these little things can sound petty but when we see the hurt and what it turns into…it’s huge and important.” 

Many were shocked and disgusted at the teacher’s behaviour and recommend that Joanna contact the head teacher and escalate the issue. 

One person said: “Oh Jo that’s so sad. That teacher should be making sure that his 1950s emotion-suppressing training stops with him. If waving has been ruined, maybe you and A can invent some secret signals instead?” 

Jo then responded saying: “That’s a lovely idea!

“And I’m going to talk to A about how that poor man must have been laughed at when he was a little boy and how he had to suppress his feelings.” 

Another added: “Please report this to the school, it’s not ok.” 

A third commented: “This makes me very angry. I hope you can speak to that teacher, utter bullsh*t” to which Joanna commented “I will. I’ll ask A what the teacher’s name is and go from there.

“I was too shocked to say anything, A’s feelings being hurt was my concern.” 

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Many Twitter users urged Joanna to escalate the issue to the school’s head teacher[/caption]

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