Mum murdered her baby son leaving him to starve while she went on four-day drinking binge

A MUM who murdered her baby son by leaving him to starve while she went on a four-day drinking binge has been jailed.

Olga Bazarova, 25, was out partying with her friends while her 11-month-old son was slowly dying in his crib, a court in the city of Zlatoust, Russia, has heard.

Olga Bazarova and her 11-month-old son, whom she starved to death[/caption]

Olga Bazarova during the sentencing hearing

The baby boy was reportedly left at home with his three-year-old sister, who survived the ordeal only by a miracle. 

During court hearings, the mother reportedly confessed to dumping the kids alone in their apartment. 

She “could not foresee” the baby would die, she said.

While she left her two youngest at home, she handed her older son, seven, born from a previous relationship, into the care of a female acquaintance.

The woman’s toddler and her baby were discovered by their grandmother four days later, investigators said.

The grandmother had come by for a visit, after failing to reach their mother by phone.

According to the court records, the baby boy was found dead in his crib, while his sister was on the verge of death. 

Terrified, the grandmother called an ambulance.

Upon its arrival, the girl was rushed to intensive care in critical condition, with severe malnourishment.

Miraculously, doctors managed to stabilise her and save her life.

The baby boy, however, died from starvation and dehydration.

The senior prosecutor for the Chelyabinsk region, Vladimir Kislitsin, said: “The mother left her three-year-old daughter with an empty fridge.

“No baby food was found in the apartment.”

Olga Bazarova was charged on June 7, with the murder of a minor with particular cruelty.

She has been sentenced to 14 years in prison and stripped of her parental rights over her older son and the surviving girl, whose father is also in prison.

According to local media, the children have been placed in an orphanage.

The young woman was charged on June 7, with the murder of a minor with particular cruelty[/caption]

Press-service of Chelyabinsk Reg

The judge sentenced Olga Bazarova to 14 years of imprisonment[/caption]

The apartment block, where Olga lived with her children[/caption]

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