My friends-with-benefits got jealous when I told him I’m dating

DEAR DEIDRE: MY friend-with-benefits said it was “strictly just sex”, but kicked off when he found out I was dating others.

Our arrangement started last year. We both live alone, so bubbled during lockdown. We’re both 26.

We’re still sleeping together, but now he’s all cold and emotionless

He’d regularly come over for dinner. But one night, after three bottles of wine, we ended up having great sex on the sofa.

He was clearly more experienced than me – he knew all these fun positions, and exactly what buttons to press to make me climax.

He enjoyed it just as much as I did, so we agreed to carry on sleeping together.

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But a few weeks ago an old school friend reached out, and asked if I wanted to go for a drink. I’d always found him attractive, so I said yes.

We ended up sleeping together, and when I told the original guy, he kicked off.

We’re still sleeping together, but now he’s all cold and emotionless – he doesn’t even stay the night any more.

DEIDRE SAYS: His emotional outburst suggests that it may not just be sex for him.

It sounds as if he developed feelings for you, and was disappointed to discover that you didn’t feel the same.

You both need to be honest about what you really want. Avoid having sex again until you know where you stand.

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