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Nick Cannon & his family are pitching a reality show as star is set to welcome his SEVENTH child, dad claims

NICK Cannon and his family are pitching a new reality show as the star is set to welcome his SEVENTH child, his dad has exclusively told The Sun.

The Wild ‘n Out host, who will soon welcome his fourth child in just one year, is close with his father James Cannon and his four brothers, who will allegedly star in the show.


Nick Cannon and his dad have been pitching the show to networks[/caption]

John Chapple for The US Sun

James Cannon works with his famous son on his foundation[/caption]

The star’s dad exclusively told The Sun: “The show is going to be Cannons On Fire, as you watch my five sons work with their foundations, as they do powerful things in the entertainment business.

“With the reality show, you’re going to see them living their lives, as you watch us affect America, affect our community in a positive way. Nick is a positive young man.

“It will be a family reality show, and about me working with them and their foundations, their projects. We want to have the opportunity to help other young people and make a difference.

“We want to talk about every issue which is going to bring people together, do it in a comical and motivational way, we’re not looking at mud-slinging. We’ve got a lot we want to do.”

Brittany Bell is one of Nick’s four baby mamas

His current girlfriend, Alyssa Scott, is due any day now[/caption]

Asked if Nick’s children could feature on the show, he said: “They could be, yes. We will film in Los Angeles and we’ve been pitching it to different networks for a while, so hopefully it will get picked up.

“Coming out of this summer you may see us. That’s my passion [charity work] I’ve been to Hollywood with Nick, I met Barack [Obama] twice, Trump, every celebrity that you can mention.

“But I said, ‘Son, I’m going to stay with your foundation, let your mama go to the Grammys and all of that, I want to stay with the philanthropic stuff, the stuff that’s going to make a difference.

“The only way I can keep my son grounded is for him to be doing stuff with his foundation from his heart. I know knuckle-head young men.”


She posted a tribute to the star on Instagram for Father’s Day[/caption]


The singer and actor is also set to host his own daytime talk show this summer[/caption]

James had Nick with his first partner, Beth, at just 17 and later welcomed sons Gabriel, Reuben, Caleb and Javen – with an ex-wife and says the brothers are incredibly close.

Nick is juggling much of his own family and work commitments with four different baby mamas, and a new daytime talk show on FOX which has been months in the making.

“He’s done some good negotiations for a young man, and now we’re going to negotiate for our own show,” he said.

The rapper and actor’s latest baby mama, Alyssa Scott, shared a maternity Instagram photo with the star for Father’s Day as her due date approaches.

She revealed she’s naming her son Zen S. Cannon.

Mariah Carey/Instagram

Nick shares 10-year-old twins with his ex-wife Mariah Carey[/caption]

The little boy will be Nick’s seventh child.

The star welcomed twin sons, Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon, with deejay Abby De La Rosa just last week.

In December, he welcomed a daughter, Powerful Queen Cannon, with Brittany Bell, with whom he also shares four-year-old son Golden Cannon.

The star also has his two older children, 10-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, with ex-wife Mariah Carey.

The couple were married from 2008 until 2016.

John Chapple for The US Sun

James is incredibly proud of his four sons, including Nick, 40[/caption]


Nick is still embracing busy family life with six children and one on the way[/caption]

Nick’s pro-life dad, who wrote a book about his controversial views, also previously spoke to The Sun about his son’s shock baby news, as he’s set to welcome yet another child.

Asked if he knows how many grandchildren he has, James laughed, saying: “I’m going to say 12, 13, 14? I’ve read a couple of new reports, but I’m not claiming those until I talk to the papa myself.

“I believe children are blessings. And I teach my son, ‘Make as much money as you can, and have as many children as you can.’

“I would fight for family. I’m pro-life. I wrote a book called Stop Hating: Can I Live? which is Nick’s story.”

Discussing the number of women Nick has gotten pregnant, he said: “All I want to ask is ‘Son, have you asked all the right questions? And have you got the right answers? And have you put it in writing?’

“Because if you’ve done that, then shoot, bring the grandkids over here, were they at!”


DJ Abby De La Rosa welcomed the TV host’s twins last week[/caption]


Brittany Bell’s two children with Nick, Golden and Powerful, regularly feature on her Instagram[/caption]

“You could buy a $23million mansion, I told Nick, ‘I’d rather you have as many kids [as possible] and send those kids to college, pour into those kids, love those kids, teach those kids about God.

“The most important thing is life first. What type of father are you going to be? What are you going to name your son?

Much like his father, Nick released a four-minute video for the song Can I Live? in 2005, about his mother considering abortion, which resulted in a backlash in the music industry.

Lyrics to the song include: “Mommy I don’t like this clinic/ Hopefully you’ll make the right decision/ And don’t go through with the knife incision.

“But it’s hard to make the right move/ When you in high school.”

Asked if Nick is pro-life, James told The Sun: “You look at the video and you tell me … he wrote it, produced it and directed it.”

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