Nicola Sturgeon mocked over warning EU could block Scotland entry – 'Played like fiddle!'

The First Minister is pushing for another Scottish independence referendum, despite Boris Johnson ruling out the prospect of a fresh vote for at least another generation. She has also repeated calls for an independent Scotland to join the EU.

But Economics Professor at Edinburgh Napier University, Piotr Jaworski, has warned Brussels could reject an independent Scotland as it is not in the bloc’s interests to have “another Greece”. 

His claims prompted a strong reaction from readers.

Commenting on this website, one said: “So Brussels have realised that Scotland are more useful outside the EU causing trouble in the UK than inside the EU causing trouble for them.”

Another wrote: “What’s she worried about? Boris gave her a new date for a referendum, 2055!”

A third mocked: “I think the comparison between Scotland and Greece is unfair to Greece.”

Another added: “If Scotland gets ‘independence’ from the UK but is then part of the EU, it will be bankrupt within 12 months and begging to leave the EU and re-join the UK.

“However, this would need the approval of the rest of the UK and I would vote to reject their membership of the UK!”

A fifth said: “Scotland’s best future is in a strong independent UK.”

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“I personally don’t know why. We don’t have a big economy, we would have problems almost like Greece, in terms of public deficit.

“Is it really in their interest to have another Greece?”

Dr Jaworski said that Ms Sturgeon may find a way to try to make Scotland more attractive to Brussels.

He added: “The First Minister is trying… with talks about electricity and power.

“But do we have it now? Can we sell it? Who is going to invest in this?

“We don’t even have money to invest in the buses.”

Just after the Brexit transition period ended at 11pm on December 31, Ms Sturgeon said Europe should “keep a light on” as Scotland will be “back soon”.

Tweeting a picture of the words Europe and Scotland attached by a loveheart, the SNP leader said: “Scotland will be back soon, Europe. Keep the light on.”

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