Nicola Sturgeon ridiculed over failure to deliver SNP's 'first priority' after five years

Scottish Conservatives leader Douglas Ross criticised Nicola Sturgeon over her education sector failures and highlighted the fall in teacher numbers and funding under SNP rule. Mr Ross, who will be leading the Scottish Conservatives in the May 6 elections, also brought up drug deaths in Scotland – the highest recorded in Europe. The Scottish MP reiterated his party line, adding that the Scottish Tories have better policies than the SNP to help young people.

Speaking to the Centre of Policy Studies, Mr Ross said: “We were told by Nicola Sturgeon when she became First Minister (education) would be her number one priority and judge her on that.

“Well anyone judging the SNP on education would have to judge it as a failure.

“We’ve seen a huge reduction in the number of teachers, we’ve seen a lack of investment in our schools and (Scottish Conservatives) have a lot of policies to improve the chances of young people.”

The Scottish Conservatives have bumped heads with the SNP on many policies, especially the issue of independence which the Tories are against.

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The Conservative MP continued to attack Ms Sturgeon as he discussed Scotland’s drug deaths. 

He said: “We’ve been doing work on drug deaths in Scotland, Scotland has the highest drugs deaths anywhere in Europe.

“And that’s partly as a result of the Scottish Government reducing funding to rehab.”

Scottish records showed there were 1,264 drug deaths in 2019, the highest number on record which were nearly double the figure in 2014. 

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Scottish Labour Leader candidate Monica Lennon has also slammed the SNP for focusing on independence rather than the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Lennon said: “We have seen up close during this pandemic what more than a decade of SNP rule has done to Scotland.”

She continued: “Yes there has been some good stuff and some good policies but we’re in a pandemic with our public services on their knees, frontline workers are already burnt out and underpaid.”

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