Noel Gallagher slams Little Mix’s Best Band Brit Award win saying they’re ‘not in the same league as Oasis’

LITTLE Mix won the Best British Group award at this year’s Brits — a title won by Oasis in 1996.

And Noel said giving it to the X Factor stars showed music had changed beyond recognition.


Noel Gallagher has hit out at Little Mix after they won the Best British Group gong at this year’s Brit Awards[/caption]


He says the girl band aren’t the ‘real deal’ and ‘aren’t in the same league as Oasis’[/caption]

He said: “Little Mix, with the greatest respect, are not in the same league as Oasis. Not even in the same f***ing sport.

“It’s a symptom of the music business chasing the numbers — and there not being any bands or songwriters in those bands.

“Record company guys constantly say, ‘Oh, these guys are the real deal’. And I think, ‘You wouldn’t know the real deal if it f***ing bit you on the a***, mate’.

“I don’t know what happened — I think it’s because bands are hard work.”


Little Mix won the Best British Group Award at this year’s Brits[/caption]


Oasis won the same award in 1996[/caption]

Noel also hit out at “preachy” modern bands who came in Oasis’s wake.

He explains: “There aren’t that many bands that would do a gig like that now where there’s virtually no interaction with the audience.

“Modern bands about today would be a sermon about how ‘we’re not worthy to be here and you’re our fans, you’re amazing, and without you . . . ’ F*** off.


Noel says Little Mix’s win is ‘a symptom of the music business chasing numbers’[/caption]

“Chris Martin is very guilty of it. Almost everybody who came after us is guilty of it.

“We were kind of like, ‘We don’t have to remind people why they’re here. They’re f***ing here to see us.

“But we live in a world now where you have to tell people how amazing they are because they get upset and I’m not that person now.”

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