Older drivers to face different caravan and motorhome rules this summer

Drivers who passed their tests after 1997 face a completely different set of rules surrounding towing than those who have passed since. It means drivers who were born after 1980 face tough rules which could scupper summer staycation plans.

“View your driving licence information to check.

“You’re also allowed to drive a minibus with a trailer over 750kg MAM.”

The 3,500kg limit could make it difficult for some drivers to take larger caravans on trips this summer.

Most medium-sized caravans weigh around 2,000kg meaning road users are not left with much leeway to take into account their vehicle and heavy luggage.

The test will also make sure drivers can uncouple their trailer safely when they stop.

Drivers who wish to carry even heavier items must take the extra Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) test.

Once they have passed this test, drivers cab two vehicles and trailers with a combined weight of 12,000kg MAM.

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