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Outlander season 6: Sophie Skelton opens up on ‘really brutal’ Brianna Fraser moment

She explained: “She’s very good at putting on a façade and really covering up what she’s feeling.

“So, this season, I’ve just loved that she’s actually been able to show it. Even in scenes with – the stuff with Ed.

“That’s probably some of the most challenging just because of the emotional place you have to put yourself in is really brutal.

“But I loved doing those scenes because I love that we get to see the Brianna who is very good at putting on an act and pretending she’s fine, but then actually, when the camera’s just on Bree and Bonnet can’t see Brianna’s face, we as an audience, get to see into Bree and see what’s going on inside, which hasn’t always been the case of Brianna for a lot of the seasons.”

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