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Outlander’s Roger MacKenzie star speaks on ‘heartbreaking’ Jemmy moment: ‘What good am I?'

Roger (played by Richard Rankin) was wrongfully hanged at the Battle of Alamance and despite being rescued by Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), he lost his voice and was unable to sing to his son Jemmy. Outlander fans relived Roger’s experience through black and white silent film as they learned how he lost his voice. Reflecting on the moment, actor Richard said he was “extremely anxious” about filming his character’s struggle.

He explained: “It’s a really heartbreaking moment when he can’t sing, but especially when he can’t sing to Jemmy, because that’s something he always did.

“What starts to spiral into his depression is that he starts to question himself with ‘Well, what good am I? What do I do if I don’t have my voice and I can’t sing?’”

Richard went on to explain: “That episode in particular I was extremely anxious about, because when I read the script, it’s such a powerful episode.

“Off the page, a lot of it tells itself really, as a lot of it is in the stage directions, the feelings, the emotions, what’s happening are all described in words, but no words are actually spoken.”

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Commenting on the surprise return, Richard said: “It’s a beautiful moment, such a lovely moment.

“It’s like a slap in the face, a wake-up call for Roger. It’s like of course this is where my home is, this is where my family are, this is where the people I love are, Brianna and Jeremiah obviously, his wife and child who loves more than anything and will do anything for.

“But he realises of course, it extends beyond that. It extends to the Ridge, it’s Jamie, it’s Claire, it’s our life here.

“It’s just that subconscious thing for him, the plan was always for him to come back help Brianna and Jemmy to the safety of their own time.”


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