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Pals’ tragic final selfie in front of open fire moments before it sparked house blaze that burned them alive

THIS is a pals’ tragic last selfie in front of an open fire, moments before it sparked a blaze in the house that burnt both of them alive.

The two best friends Luka Mijic, 26, and Mario Priula, 27, who are said to be “like brothers” died in the blaze at their holiday house in Puricani in Croatia last weekend.


Luka Mijic and Mario Priula’s last selfie[/caption]


The two pals died in a horror blaze at their holiday house[/caption]

The two men had decided to enjoy a weekend away in the countryside and were planning to stay in the cottage.

According to the local news site Index, the inseparable friends attended the same school of Tourism and Catering in the city of Bjelovar and even worked at the same company.

Ironically one of them had changed his shift at work earlier in order to attend the weekend, reports Moj.

According to local media, ten more people were at the gathering who returned to their homes after the party.

Locals told the outlet that they could hear music coming from the house throughout the afternoon.

But at around 5pm the police and fire services were called to the scene after reports of a fire in the house.

Emergency services were able to put out the fire and drag two dead bodies from the charred building.

The bodies are assumed to be Luka and Mario, but due to the severe burns they suffered authorities decided to carry out DNA analysis to confirm their identities.

A local told Index: “I was sitting on my patio listening to music they were playing because it was really good. Sometime around midnight, I fell asleep.

“When I woke up the next morning I was in shock. I can’t believe what happened to them”.

Although the cause of the fire is yet to be confirmed the pair allegedly roasted a piglet on the fire seen in the background of their selfie.


The tragic incident happened at Puricani in Croatia[/caption]


The two pals were reportedly working together[/caption]


Locals said they could hear music coming from the house in the afternoon[/caption]


Ten more people were at the gathering but had returned home[/caption]

Authorities believe that the pair may have gone to bed without properly extinguishing the fire and at some point, it spread to the house.

The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing as is the DNA analysis of the two bodies.

Darko Balaško, Luka’s bowling coach of the Bowling Club Bjelovar, said the last time he saw Luka, he waved at him and said: “Coach we have a party in the cottage, on Saturday where we roast pigs. See you”.

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