‘Passive’ Prince Harry lets Meghan Markle ‘take the lead’ as he ‘breaks royal traditions’ at WellChild Awards, expert claims


PRINCE Harry let Meghan Markle “take the lead” and “broke royal tradition” as they arrived at the WellChild Awards this evening, a body language expert has claimed.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Judi James described the Duke of Sussex, 35, as both “passive” and “protective” of his wife during their first public appearance since their Africa tour.

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Body language expert Judi James says Harry was ‘passive’ and ‘protective’ of Meghan at the WellChild Awards this evening[/caption]

When the couple arrived at the awards ceremony in London, Prince Harry encouraged Meghan to shake hands with organisers first before heading in to ceremony.

Judi said: “There seems to be a little up-scale for Meghan here as Harry appears to break with royal tradition to gesture for her to shake hands first.

“Harry appears to prefer the role of host, gesturing with one hand to ensure his wife takes the lead then standing back with his hands clasped in a much more passive pose.

The pause by the pavement edge even appears to show Harry using similar rituals of concern and ‘smoothing the way’ steering as he did when Meghan was pregnant, checking her over the step in her heels with his hands out to support her arm.”

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The Duke of Sussex appeared to break tradition by allowing Meghan to shake hands first[/caption]

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Judi claims Meghan raising her hand to her stomach suggests she’s missing Archie[/caption]

What’s more, Meghan’s raised hand over her stomach could suggest that she’s missing Archie – at last year’s WellChild Awards, the Duchess covered expertly covered her baby bump with a designer clutch bag.

Judi added: “This is an interesting stomach-touch as it mimics the kind of baby bump rubbing and holding that Meghan was performing while she was pregnant with Archie.

“Her thumb is even raised in a subconscious gesture of pleasure. It could be a touch that tells us Archie is uppermost in her mind and the childrens’ event could make her miss holding him.”

After this exchange, the couple then walked into the London venue hand-in-hand which Judi claims shows Harry is incredibly “protective” and “caring” of Meghan.


Judi highlighted Harry’s ‘protective’ two-handed clasp[/caption]

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Judi claims Harry allowed Meghan to ‘play to her strength’s by engaging with organisers first[/caption]

She added: “This two-handed clasp is part leading, encouraging and protective.

“It looks terribly careful and caring as though he sees his wife as rather precious. He seems to need to appear solicitous and caring here.”

What’s more, the Duke even stands back from his wife to allow her to “play to her strengths.”

“Standing slightly back and almost to attention Harry appears keen to  promote Meghan into primary role when it comes to greetings and chat,” Judi said. “One of Meghan’s traits is her ability to immerse herself in genuinely informative conversations and his approach here suggests that he is keen to see her play to her strengths

Meanwhile, Meghan was also pictured looking adoringly at her husband throughout the night.

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Meghan showed her intense love with her adoring gazes[/caption]

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Judi says this is the same ‘nurturing’ look Meghan has for Archie[/caption]

Judi said: “Her face-watching of Harry looks intense and loving.

“This very flattering  ritual looks like a public announcement of the same adoration that she has been showing us for her son Archie.”

Earlier today, it was revealed that Meghan is “nurturing an protective” towards Harry as she tenderly patted him on the arm while he cradled Archie in a documentary trailer.

The WellChild Awards are held in London every year to celebrate the inspiring achievements of some of Britain’s most seriously unwell children.

The annual awards also gives back to social care workers and teachers who look after these children and support them.

Prince Harry has been a patron of WellChild since 2007 and it was one of the four charities the couple asked members of the public to donate to after Archie was born in May.

In more Royal Family news, Prince William has revealed Prince George is obsessed with LIZARDS during his Pakistan tour.

And Meghan Markle and Prince Harry confirmed that Archie has ginger hair at the WellChild Awards.

Plus Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are desperate to give baby Archie a “normal” upbringing away from royal pomp, an expert has claimed.


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