Pavement parking: Disability campaigners back proposals after suffering from 'bad parking'

Daryl Tavernor, a digital advertising consultant who has used a wheelchair since he was eight years old, has welcomed the new proposals to prevent “bad parking habits”. He warned many disabled people or those using wheelchairs are often forced to use the road instead of the pavement which can be a safety risk.

“I welcome tougher rules to clamp down on inconsiderate parkers which put the lives of vulnerable children and wheelchair users at risk.”

The Department for Transport (DfT) is currently considering three options to toughen the rules surrounding pavement parking.

One option would be to introduce a London style ban across the entire country meaning drivers would be fined around £70 for stopping on the kerbs.

The DfT said this option would create a general rule against parking on pavements which would help with consistency.

However, they warned this could be difficult to define and would be open to misinterpretation.

A third option would simply rely on improvements to the existing scheme to ensure more drivers are penalised by police for dangerous parking.

Earlier this week, Mark Tongue, Director of Select Car leasing said there are “no clear guidelines” which is “confusing” for road users.

He said: “A pavement parking ban is 100 percent needed nationwide – anything that puts pedestrians at an increased risk requires action.

“However, the information given so far is slightly confusing for drivers.

“At the moment, there’s no clear guidelines for those who park on the pavement due to having no room on their own drive.

“Most households have more than one car, so it will be interesting to see where motorists are expected to park if not on the pavement outside their homes.”

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