Pentagon UFO report’s ‘classified annex’ may be hiding US and China’s ‘experimental craft’ as they wage hypersonic war

A BOMBSHELL Pentagon report into UFOs is likely to withhold details of “experimental hypersonic aircrafts”, according to an academic.

The fresh claims comes ahead of the documents release to Congress on June 25, which many have hoped would lift the lid on the potential existence of alien life.

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The Pentagon report is set to be unveiled to Congress on June 25[/caption]


It will include a classified annex which is likely to withhold details of ‘experimental aircrafts’[/caption]

Currently, the document’s ‘classified annex’ – which will be withheld from the public – is said not to contain any evidence calling the UFOs as alien spacecraft.

This had prompted many officials to acknowledge it will create opportunities for conspiracy theories about alleged secret data on extra-terrestrials.

It followed the release of a number of suspected UFO videos online, that many had already cited as potential hypersonic missiles.  

Now, Dr David Clarke, curator for the National Archives of UFO projects, believes the annex could include information on top-secret aircrafts and new Chinese, Russian and US technology.

In an interview with Daily Star, he said: “That would be information about military technology of the type we’ve been talking about, about the things that the Americans have built.

“They are flying around and they don’t want us to know about it and what they know about the Russian and Chinese technology.

“And of course, anything that’s top secret.”

The Sheffield Hallam University professor also reiterated that the US government are not concerned about alien speculation.

“The classified annex – the UFO believers will leap up on that, they would say that ‘you can explain all theses, but why are they keeping them secret?” he continued.

“They are keeping it secret because it is secret, not because there is evidence of aliens there, because it is national security about these experimental aircraft that they are flying.”

Daily Star

The claims were made by university academic Dr David Clarke[/caption]


The comments followed an official government declaration that said objects seen in the sky were not government secret objects[/caption]

Previously, the Sun reported that the US Air force were set to test a new hypersonic weapon as part of the set of trials.

Known as the Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW), it is deemed to be able to hit targets at speeds of over 4,000 miles per hour.

Ahead of the test Brig. Gen. Heath Collins said: “The BTF-1 test vehicle is complete and is progressing through ground testing to verify its readiness for flight.”

The missile, known as AGM-183A, is tipped to be the first hypersonic weapon in the US arsenal.

It comes in response to similar missiles that have been developed by countries such as China, Russia and North Korea.

Hypersonic weapons travel so quickly that modern missile defence systems cannot intercept them.

They are described as hypersonic because they travel at least five times the speed of sound, or roughly a mile per second.

The weapons can be modified to carry nuclear warheads.

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