Prince Edward young pictures: What was the Queen’s son like as a child?

PRINCE Edward is The Queen’s youngest child with Prince Philip and he currently sits 12th in line to the throne, thanks to the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter Lilibet.

For fans of the Royal family, the Earl of Wessex, 57, may not be as well known as his brothers Prince Charles and Prince Andrew and his sister Princess Anne.


The Queen’s son Prince Edward currently sits 12th in line to the throne[/caption]

He is married to Sophie Rhys-Jones, the Countess of Wessex – they tied the knot back in 1999 and are parents to two children, Lady Louise Windsor and James Viscount Severn.

Edward and his family are often seen making appearances at Royal events and rubbing shoulders with their more famous family members, but what was life like for Prince Edward growing up?

We take a look back through the archives that show Prince Edward as a young boy and as a teen, before he headed off to join the Royal marines and make a name for himself in TV production.

Here’s everything you need to know:


Edward is the youngest of The Queen and Prince Philip’s four children. Pictured: The Queen and Prince Philip with Charles, Andrew, Anne and Edward in 1965[/caption]

1) When was Prince Edward born?

Edward is the youngest of The Queen’s four children and was born on 10 March in 1964 at Buckingham Palace. He is 16 years younger than his oldest brother Prince Charles.

It’s believed that Edward’s birth was the first that Prince Philip was there to witness – and the first Royal father in history to be at a birth – after The Queen had asked him to be there, according to boo  My Husband and I: The Inside Story Of 70 Years Of Royal Marriage.


Edward was born on 10 March in 1964 and is 16 years younger than his oldest brother Prince Charles. Pictured: Edward as a boy at The British Driving Society’s Annual Competition In Windsor[/caption]


Growing up he loved horses and reportedly learnt how to ride a pony at two years old. Pictured: Edward as a boy in a carriage at Windsor[/caption]


Black and white photos from the archives show him looking after The Queen’s corgis. Pictured: The Queen with Andrew and Edward at Liverpool Street Train Station in 1971[/caption]

Two months after his birth, he was christened at Windsor Castle – The Queen’s private home and residence and where Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle tied the knot in 2018.

2) What was Prince Edward like as a young child?

Growing up, it’s fair to say that Edward had a pretty unconventional childhood. It’s claimed he learnt how to ride a pony when he was just two years old and he was minded by a governess, just like his siblings.

His governess taught him early on at Buckingham Palace before he headed off to school.


He had an unconventional childhood growing up in the Palace. Pictured: The Queen, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward in 1970[/caption]


At five, Edward reportedly told Neil Armstrong he wanted to be an astronaut. Pictured: Prince Edward At Smith’s Lawn For The Polo Earl Of Wessex[/caption]


He was looked after and taught from an early age at Buckingham Palace by a governess. Pictured: Edward after shopping at Harrods in 1971[/caption]


When he was old enough, Edward headed to school in Kensington. Pictured: The Queen with Andrew and Edward in 1971[/caption]

By the time he was five, Edward had personally met Neil Armstrong – the first person to walk on the moon – and told him he too wanted to be an astronaut, according to The Sunday Post

Black and white photos show Edward always dressed in his Sunday best and enjoying family trips, hanging out with horses and helping to look after The Queen’s beloved corgis.

3) Where did Prince Edward go to school?

While his early years were spent being taught at Buckingham Palace, Edward then headed to Gibbs School in Kensington, before enrolling at Heatherdown School in 1972.


He later enrolled at Gordonstoun – a boarding school in northern Scotland. Pictured: Edward on his first day at Gibb School in 1971[/caption]


Edward’s was the only birth Prince Philip was reportedly at. Pictured: The Queen, Prince Philip, Andrew and Edward tour gardens of Windsor Castle in 1973[/caption]


Pictured: Philip, Anne, Captain Mark Phillips, Edward, The Queen, Andrew and Charles at the Quebec 1976 Olympics, Canada in 1976[/caption]


Throwback pictures see Edward spending time with The Queen as a boy. Pictured: The Queen and Edward at Badminton in 1971[/caption]


Since he was little, he has appeared alongside HRH at public events. Pictured: Edward with The Queen Badminton Horse Trials in 1978[/caption]


As well as Edward, The Queen is mum to sons Andrew and Charles and daughter Anne. Pictured: The Queen with her sons at The Montreal Olympic Games in 1976[/caption]


Edward was a head boy at school growing up. Pictured: Edward watching Prince Charles playing polo[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Edward completed the Duke Of Edinburgh Award which was founded by his dad Philip. Pictured: Edward receiving his gold award in 1986[/caption]


Following school, Edward took a gap year before heading to Cambridge university. Pictured: Edward playing rugby in 1983[/caption]


He worked as a house tutor at a school in New Zealand for three terms. Pictured: Edward at the Royal Horse Show in 1982[/caption]


Edward studied a history degree at Jesus College at Cambridge University. Pictured: Edward playing rugby[/caption]


He graduated from university in 1986, before heading off to join the Royal Marines. Pictured: Edward receiving his degree at his graduation[/caption]

Following in the footsteps of his older brothers and dad Philip, Edward then moved to Gordonstoun – a boarding school in northern Scotland – where he later became head boy.

Prior to heading to university, Edward took a gap year to work abroad in New Zealand as a house tutor for two terms at a school.

He then attended Cambridge University and graduated from Jesus College with a history degree in 1986.

4) What jobs did Prince Edward do as a young man?

Straight out of university, Edward enlisted in the Royal Marines – he had been a university cadet for three years, but quit just three months into the military’s 12-month training program.


Edward always had an interest in theatre and television. Pictured: Edward manning the laser light display at the Royal Tournament[/caption]

LNS: London News Service

Straight from uni, however, he enrolled in the Royal Marines who reportedly paid £12k for his tuition. Pictured: Edward receiving weapons training at Lympstone in 1987[/caption]


He quit the Royal Marines after completing three months of its 12-month training program. Pictured: Edward standing in Royal Marines uniform at RAF Benson[/caption]


Following his time in the military, Edward pursued his love of theatre. Pictured: Edward on stage in costume in 1985[/caption]


He worked as a production assistant on musicals for Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Pictured: Edward outside of the Les Miserables musical[/caption]


Edward later set up his own production company titled Ardent Productions. Pictured: Edward pictured on his bike cycling around Cambridge[/caption]


His company produced documentaries and dramas in the UK and the US. Pictured: Edward recording for the Royal Tournament in 1984[/caption]


After a decade as director of the company, Edward stepped down to become a full-time working Royal. Pictured: Edward at Ascot in 1984[/caption]

Times Newspapers Ltd

He is now seen carrying out duties for The Queen and took over a lot of public duties from dad Philip. Pictured: Edward and Prince Andrew on VJ day in London in 1995[/caption]

The Royal Marines allegedly paid £12,000 for Edward’s tuition fees on the condition that he served five years after he graduated.

Philip had been serving as the Captain General Royal Marines at the time and while some reports say he “reduced Edward to tears” after he decided to quit, others go against this and say Philip was actually the most “sympathetic”.

Following his time in the Royal Marines, Edward went on to pursue a career in theatre and television, and worked as a production assistant on musicals like The Phantom of the Opera and Cats for Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

In 1993, he created his own production company, Ardent Productions, to produce documentaries and dramas.

Nearly a decade later in 2002, Edward stepped down as the company’s director to become a full-time working Royal and carry out his duties for The Queen.

He has taken over a lot of the public duties his dad Philip – who died in April aged 99 – had and is heavily involved in the Duke Of Edinburgh Award, after getting a gold award himself growing up.

Since 2015, Edward has served as Chairman of the Trustees of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation.

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