Prince Harry told Meghan Markle 'what she could and couldn't do' before royal wedding

Royal biographer Angela Levin has insisted that the Duke of Sussex took time before his wedding to explain to Meghan Markle what she “could and couldn’t” do as a member of the Royal Family. It comes amid the uproar sparked by the couple’s bombshell allegations during their unprecedented interview with US host Oprah Winfrey. The special episode aired on the CBS network on Sunday and on Monday evening in the UK.   

Ms Levin told True Royalty TV Prince Harry was “right by” Meghan’s side.

She said: “He told me when I spoke to him that he had spoken to her for a long time.

“What she could do and what she couldn’t do.

“Also one of the Queen’s most favoured assistants was given to them, the couple for a year to help Meghan through it.”

She continued: “Plus a black soldier who was given to them.

“The first black soldier who looked after the Queen, he would look after them as well and tell them how to get on.

“So it is hard to say there was no one, I completely understand the feeling of loneliness.

“Because if you change your country, you go into the Royal Family and you can’t go out as much as you would like.” 

“I’m just surprised that they haven’t tried to even apologise for not protecting her more, and instead do this.

“It says a lot, I think, about the workings of the Royal Family.”

Fellow co-host Meghan McCain echoed this, saying the timing of the investigation was orchestrated.

She said: “This is really interesting because it’s a very obvious oppo-dump on Meghan Markle, and one of the things she’s being accused of in her abuse is emailing staffers early in the morning.

“So I think that’s obviously ridiculous on a lot of different levels.”

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