Princess Anne body language with Princess Margaret suggests 'differences' of royals

Despite this, little is known about the relationship of the Princess Royal and her aunt.

Commenting on some of their public outings, body language expert Judi James claimed they may have had some obvious differences.

During one outing, Judi claimed Princess Anne appeared more “relaxed” while Princess Margaret displayed more obvious regal body language.

“In the carriage together there are no signs of easy-going rapport between the two women,” she told


“Anne’s curled fingers and smile form a more relaxed-looking greeting of the crowd but Margaret’s upright ‘pole’ wave smacks of a more remote and old-fashioned form of royalty.”

Princess Anne has taken on various duties during her time working in the Royal Family.

In fact, the Queen’s daughter is often considered one of the hardest working royals.

While Princess Anne started to develop her style as a working royal, Judi claimed her differences with Princess Margaret became more apparent.

When they were seen together, Judi claimed they showed few signs of having a close relationship.

However, this may have simply been down to them having different interests and personalities.

She added: “For Princess Anne though, this relationship looks more about the differences in both behaviour and outlook.

“It is hard to the point of impossible to remember any moments when the two women showed any genuine bonding signals, but was this apparent frost the result of a clash between two royal divas or just a mis-match of personalities?”

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