Princess Beatrice used this trick to slim – will she follow a diet plan for royal wedding?


Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, both 59, and granddaughter of the Queen. She announced her engagement after a whirlwind romance with Edo and the Princess is sure to be well underway with wedding plans. The royal is no stranger to a healthy lifestyle and has changed her diet and fitness plan to slim down in recent years. What did she do?

Beatrice first slimmed down by pairing a healthy eating plan with regular exercise, her personal trainer, Nadya Fairweather, revealed in 2014.

Nadya, who had been training Beatrice for five years at the time, opened up about the healthy habits Beatrice had which helped her get into shape.

“Beatrice is in great shape. She eats, which helps,” Nadya explained.

“She eats really healthily but she eats, which is massive in a celebrity world full of people starving themselves and doing crazy fad diets which I just do not agree with.

“Beatrice has beautiful curves and she embraces that.”

The personal trainer also explained the royal slimmed down by focusing on outdoor workouts and circuit training.

“We do a full body workout each time I see her. We fit loads into a one-hour session as she has an amazing recovery time between sets of exercises,” Nadya added.

“We start with the lower body first and work on the big muscle groups like your quads. I am a big believer in squats and lunges.

“As you get fitter and your form improves, you can start doing more intense moves. I do a lot of high-impact work with Beatrice now, jumping squats and lunges.”

Recently, Beatrice has sparked speculation that she has opted for a plant-based diet in a bid to get into shape.

At her birthday party this year, the royal opted for a vegan menu and dairy-free birthday cake, according to The Mail on Sunday.


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