Raise your magnesium intake to enhance your lifestyle with these supplements

MAGNESIUM is needed by all internal organs. The mineral helps regulate our blood pressure, it can ease sleep problems or anxiety and it aids the immune system, as well as muscle and nerve function.

I look at ways to get it, while our Beauty Editor tries vitamins to boost skin and nails.


with Jane Atkinson


The Bioglan active magnesium cream will give you a daily dose of the mineral
  • Bioglan active magnesium cream, £11.99, 100ml, Amazon – buy now

Bioglan active magnesium cream delivers a daily dose of the mineral through the skin to areas requiring additional care.

I loved this.

I sometimes get restless legs but after putting this on before bed, the annoyance disappeared.

Brilliant. One of those products I will keep using.


Magnesium bath flakes are a brilliant way to increase your intake while relaxing
  • Magnesium bath flakes absorb, £12.99, 1kg, – buy now

Magnesium bath flakes absorb into your body better than Epsom salts.

Put these flakes, from the Dead Sea, into your bathwater, then relax for 20 or 30 minutes and let the minerals absorb into your body.

Helps relaxation, soothing tired or aching muscles.

I love these – and also the modern packaging, which you don’t always get with bath salts.



Solgar’s magnesium is great if you have digestive issues[/caption]

  • Solgar, £9.78 for a month’s supply, – buy now

Solgar’s magnesium is available in citrate form – highly absorbable compared to the more common oxides.

Perfect if you have digestive issues.

A great product from a reputable company. On special offer.


with Gabriella Stein


These cod liver oil gummies are 100 per cent natural
  • Wonder Health cod liver oil gummies, £9.99 for a month’s supply, was £14.99, – buy now

100 per cent natural vitamin gummies with omega 3 and vitamins A and D.

I would recommend these for people who want to incorporate fish oil into their diet but can’t stand the taste.

The texture is just like gummy sweets.


The marine collagen pills help maintain skin elasticity and help hair growth
  • Correxiko marine collagen pills, £29.99, or subscribe and save ten per cent a month at £26.10, – buy now

Tablets with a high dosage of 2,000mg marine collagen.

Boosting your collagen helps maintain skin elasticity, stimulate hair growth and strengthen nails.

After four weeks my nails were smoother and stronger, my hair seemed glossier and my skin was more hydrated.

My favourite – and I will continue to use them as part of my daily routine.


The G Herbal Skin supplements enhance collagen production and will leave your skin softer
  • G Herbal Skin, £45 for a month’s supply, £40 to refill capsules or £36 if you subscribe, – buy now

Supplement formulated for the skin, to enhance collagen production and reduce signs of ageing.

The key ingredient mangosteen is rich in antioxidants and helps prevent collagen breakdown. These were very easy to take.

After taking two tablets each evening for a month before bed, my skin feels softer, plumper and more even.

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