‘Remorseless’ Meghan Markle cut Fiji market visit short after ‘being snubbed by UN years earlier’

A “REMORSELESS” Meghan Markle cut short her visit to a Fijian market after she was reportedly snubbed by the UN years earlier.

Security swept the then-pregnant duchess away from the market after she whispered to a bodyguard during a visit on October 2018.

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Paul Edwards – The Sun

Meghan Markle cut short her visit to a Fijian market after she was reportedly snubbed by the UN years earlier[/caption]


Meghan abruptly left the market during a visit in 2018[/caption]


At the time, the reason given was that crowds grew too big to control[/caption]

At the time, the reason given for the abrupt end to her walkabout was that the crowds grew too big to control.

However royal biographer Robert Lacey said Meghan‘s sudden dash may have been because UN Women were hosting the event.

In 2015, Meghan spoke during a keynote address in front of guests including UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon on gender equality for UN Women in New York.

She received a standing ovation from those in attendance after her speech.

Mr Lacey wrote in Battle of Brothers, a book about Meghan’s husband Harry and his brother William: “[Meghan] had rubbed shoulders with the likes of Hillary Clinton… and might have hoped to join UN Women’s distinguished roster of goodwill ambassadors that included celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson… but in those pre-Harry days UN Women only assigned the cable actress the lesser role of advocate.”

Mr Lacey quoted a Hollywood screenwriter, who said: “Meghan does not cope well with what she perceives as rejection.

“She’s nice and smiley as can be until you step in her way or don’t give her what she hopes for. Then she can be remorseless – heaven help you!”

According to a source, she said she would only visit the market if there was no branding for UN Women.

Lawyers for Meghan denied the claims, and said she met with leaders from UN Women later during her visit.

Meghan was being given a tour of Suva Market during the 2018 visit when her bodyguards intervened.

One onlooker reportedly said Meghan appeared to “look concerned” before entering and “looked really disengaged, not her usual self at all”.

She then apparently whispered something to one of her aides before being whisked away.

The witness told the Mirror: “She stopped to speak to a pineapple seller on one of the stalls and had a very blank and disengaged look on her face, which is very unlike her.

“It was very hot and humid in there so perhaps it wasn’t the best environment for a pregnant woman.

“After speaking for about a minute she broke off and spoke to the same aide again before she was whisked out of the market very soon after. “


Video showed her being led out of the building flanked by her new female head of security and a Fijian security chief.

The Duchess had missed morning duties, but had been expected to meet people at Markets for Change, a UN Women’s project.

Her visit was scheduled for 15 minutes but she lasted just six in the sweltering hot tent.

Fans who had waited for Meghan voiced their disappointment at not getting to meet her.

Some pointed out that the crowds were being kept well back from the tent and conditions inside were calm.

But Kensington Palace insisted Meghan met with everyone she was scheduled to, but left earlier due to “issues with crowd management”.

A source told The Sun it had become “uncomfortably busy”.

The Duchess pulled out of a number of engagements during the trip, blaming tiredness and the toll of her pregnancy.

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Meghan and Harry pictured during their visit to Fiji in 2018[/caption]

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