Retro England football kits worth up to £246 on eBay – is yours worth a mint?

ENGLAND shirts at the ready.

When the Euros 2020 kick off on Friday fans across the UK will be pulling their old shirts out of retirement to cheer on the lads.

Vintage England football shirts from the Euros can sell for hundreds online

But while a Nike England shirt from this year’s kit will set you back £70, it’s shirts from previous Euros that could be worth up to £246.

Vintage and authentic football shirts can sell for thousands of pounds online to a collector, as fans scramble to get their hands on memorabilia.

The team, tournament, player number and outcome of the game, can all affect the value of the shirt too.

If you have a genuine shirt signed by a player, or if the player wore it during the match, then you could see the price soar into the thousands.

And like many other secondhand sells, shirts in the best condition are likely to sell for more.

Sporting Memorabilia: What you need to look out for

HERE are some tips from Chris Williams from specialist auction house Sportingold on what you need to know about buying and selling memorabilia.

Rarity is key – Replica shirts which anyone can buy won’t tempt buyers, even if they are signed by a current squadThe item has to be unique in some way, and connected to either a player or the club.

Be careful of signatures – Autographs can be a big problem for buyers for a couple of reasons – most modern signatures are just a squiggle and how do you even know the sporting star actually did sign the item?

Don’t think you’ll make money on items bought at a charity auction – Many amatuer sellers are dissapointed when they try and sell-on an item they bought at a charity auction – a signed current shirt for example – and find it’s not worth anything like they’ve paid for it.

Go to an specialist seller instead of selling online – If you’re buying online you won’t know that what you’re getting is authentic. With a specialist auction house you should know the item is genuine while if you’re a seller, they can help value the item properly.

Collectors from around the world will also often watch auctions online, so you can get your item in front of as big as audience as possible.

But buyers should beware that there are plenty of scammers out there hoping to trick you into parting with your cash for a fake.

Look out for replicas and be wary of signed shirts that don’t come with a certificate of authenticity.

We’ve taken a look at the most valuable vintage England shirts from the Euros over the years – and how to spot if you have one at home.

Of course, it’s worth noting shirts from other international teams may sell for more.

Euro ’96, number 6 – up to £246


The shirt is in mint condition and size XL[/caption]


The shirt features number 6, Gareth Southgate’s number[/caption]

An England shirt from Euro ’96 recently sold for £246 on eBay, after a bidding war of 38 offers.

Shirts from this tournament are among the most valuable with collectors because it was the year England hosted the games.

This particular shirt has a number 6 on it, the number worn by now England manager, Gareth Southgate.

The XL shirt is in mint condition, which may have also pushed up the price.

Euro ’96 goalkeeper – up to £173

The goalkeeper shirt is the same design as the one worn by David Seaman
The shirt is in a good condition although the label has been cut out

Another Euro ’96 shirt that is popular among fans is the England goalkeeper shirt worn by David Seaman.

While this particular shirt wasn’t worn by the goalie during a match, it is an original and not a modern remake.

The Umbro shirt has had its label removed from the inside but the seller described it as being in “great condition”.

It sold for £172.87 after getting three bids.

Euro ’96, number 8 – up to £155

The ’96 Euros shirt was described by the seller as being in an “excellent condition”
Number 8 was Paul Gascoigne’s number during the tournament

A England shirt from the same tournament featuring number 8 recently sold on eBay for £155.

The original Umbro shirt was the same as the one worn by Paul Gascoigne and is described by the seller as being in “excellent condition”.

It was listed for a tenner, but was eventually pushed up to £155 over the seven day auction.

Euro ’96, away kit – Up to £112

England’s away shirts from ’96 can still fetch over £100 on eBay
This particular shirt still had the original tags attached

During Euro ’96, the England team wore its away kit for three matches during the games, including when Germany knocked out England in penalties.

The indigo-blue striped shirts aren’t as popular as the white home kits but if you have the right number and it’s in a good condition they are still worth over £100.

This particular shirt has Gareth Southgate’s number on it and still has the original tags. It sold for £112 just last week.

Euro 2000, number 8 – up to £106

The England shirt was designed for the Euros held in 2000
The number 8 shirt Paul Scholes shirt sold for £106

It’s not just Euro 96 shirts that are popular among footie fans.

This England shirt from the Euros in 2000 ended up selling on eBay for £106 after scoring 25 bids.

The shirt features Paul Scholes name and number, 8, on the back.

The seller admitted it was in a nine out of 10 condition, with a small mark next to the collar and a few tiny tags.

Euro’96 away kit, number 9 – up to £100

Alan Shearer was wearing this shirt when he scored against Germany in the semi-finals in ’96
The shirt fetch £100 in the bidding war

Another popular shirt is Alan Shearer’s number 9 England away shirt from the 1996 Euros.

Shearer was wearing the kit when he scored in the penalty shootout against Germany, confirming him as the tournament’s top goal scorer.

The shirt sold for £100 after just three days of bidding. It was originally listed for £25. 

The Sun has had a sneak peek at all of the teams’ shirts – and ranked 10 of the best.

As is customary with brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma, some national sides will be sporting new unseen tops for the tournament.

Nike released the Three Lions’ two jerseys for the Euros back in September and divided opinions online.

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