RHOA’s Nene Leakes compares show after her exit to ‘Destiny’s Child without Beyonce’

REAL Housewives of Atlanta alum Nene Leakes slammed the quality of the show without her, saying it’s like Destiny’s Child without Beyonce.

The 53-year-old quit the reality show after season 12 last year, after she couldn’t strike a suitable deal with Bravo following a series of “emotional negotiations.”


Nene Leakes said Real Housewives of Atlanta isn’t the same without her[/caption]

The Nene-less season 13 of RHOA premiered in December and finished up last month.

After an entire season without her, Nene told Hollywood Unlocked that the show isn’t the same and isn’t giving viewers what they’ve come to expect.

Using an example, she explained: “It’s very difficult to go to the burger place down the street and think you’re going to get a Happy Meal. 

“I mean, McDonald’s started the Happy Meal, it’s very hard to, in a very nice way, go somewhere and think that you can fill the shoes of something that someone started.”

The 53-year-old left the show after season 12


She compared herself to Destiny’s Child singer Beyonce[/caption]

Nene added that RHOA hasn’t been very exciting because the current cast members either aren’t risk takers, making them boring, or are doing way too much, making them way over the top.

The alum said she believes fans can see through all of that and could tell that she was real and an original while on the show, unlike her co-stars.

Giving another example, she likened herself to Queen Bey.

Nene said: “It’s kind of hard to have the group Destiny’s Child and take Beyoncé out and still think you have Destiny’s Child.

“It’s kind of difficult to do that. You know what I mean? It’s kind of like, No…no. I want Beyonce.”

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Nene said Destiny’s Child wouldn’t be Destiny’s Child without Beyonce, just like RHOA isn’t the same since she left[/caption]


The reality star added that the current cast members aren’t as exciting and original as she was[/caption]

In September, the Bravo star called Wendy Williams a “cocaine head” and Andy Cohen a “racist” in a Twitter rant after the two hosts spoke about her on his show.

Nene addressed her former boss Andy: “Keep trying me sir and imma let the world know who you really are.”


She previously slammed Bravo’s Andy Cohen for dissing her with Wendy Williams[/caption]


Nene told the host to stop talking about her and demanded the network try to use her for ratings[/caption]

She added to them both: “I will ALWAYS eat and eat good! Believe that. I have ALWAYS believed in multiple streams of income so the Leakes are good you ole cocaine head and you ole racist.

“No one knew you until YOU knew me. Remember I’m ICON. Don’t forget.”

The mother of two continued, making claims: “They ALWAYS manipulating black women to say negative things about each other while they sit and enjoy us tearing each other down! Remember #BLM Remember #breonnataylor REMEMBER the most racist networks.”

She also called for war against Bravo: “They gone leave my name outta these shows. ITS WAR.”

“The racist is the master manipulator! They using me for ratings like they have always done.”

The reality star added that the network wouldn’t offer her what she thought she deserved when it came to how many season 13 episodes she’d appear in.

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