RHOBH’s Erika Jayne rips trolls as ‘orangutans’ & ‘b***hes’ after being accused of stealing ‘millions from orphans’

RHOBH’S Erika Jayne ripped trolls as “orangutans” & b***hes” after being accused of stealing “millions from orphans.”

The reality star is fighting back against the backlash she’s received on social media amid her husband’s alleged embezzlement scheme.

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Erika got into a twitter war with a troll following her ex-husband’s lawsuit[/caption]

Erika and her ex-husband were hit with a lawsuit saying he embezzled the proceeds of settlements including from orphans

In a tweet directed towards the haters, Erika said: “Why block people or limit who can or cannot comment? Either say it or not. F**k those who can’t take it.”

The Bravo star also added a gif to the post, which read: “You’re just an overgrown ORANGUTAN.”

In another tweet, the TV personality got into a Twitter war with a user after she called out the “lawyers” commenting on her posts.

Her tweet read: “Can all the “ lawyers “ on here commenting please do something productive like bill your clients? This reality TV shit it beneath you. Thanks”

The user fired back saying: “I would work pro bono just to f**k you.”

In which Erika responded: “You wanna f**k? Ewwww”

The fighting words continued as the troll said: “Nice try smart a**. You know exactly what the f**k I am talking about. It would be a pleasure to help prosecute you b***h.”

Erika got the last word in replying: “Stop hiding behind your dog you b***h. Call my son, a policeman, a pussy again and see how well you do.”

Erika broke down

Last year, the TV star and her husband of 20 years, Tom Girardi were hit with a lawsuit that claimed he had “resorted to embezzling the proceeds of settlements,” including ones for those who had lost loved ones in a plane crash.

Erika has since denied claims that she had any involvement in her now ex-husband’s lawsuit.

During a recent episode of RHOBH, Erika spoke to costars Kyle and Lisa Rinna as reports came out that she and Tom were being sued for embezzlement.

The Bravo star insisted she was “in the dark” about the claims, adding: “They’re suing the firm and I’m being attached to it. I don’t know what happens from here. Some very bad things could happen.”

In a confessional, Erika said: “I don’t know why I would be named in the lawsuit I have nothing to do with it.”

She told her co-stars: “I’ve got more lawyers than I can f**king afford.”

Erika added in a confessional: “To be out here on your own and to have millions of dollars of lawsuits pointed at you is heavy.”

She then broke down in tears while talking to Kyle and Lisa as she said: “I didn’t do this!”

The RHOBH star announced her split from Tom back in early November after 21 years of marriage.

Erika and Tom married in 1999 after meeting at a bar in West Hollywood, where she was a cocktail waitress and he was a frequent patron.

A few days later, the lawsuit against Tom and Erika was made public, prompting fans to think she was running away before things got bad or she was trying to hide something.


Erika stands by her claims that she had nothing to do with Tom’s embezzlement scheme[/caption]


Erika opened up to her costars in a recent episode of the show saying she doesn’t know why she is being named in the lawsuit[/caption]


She got emotional insisting that she “didn’t do this” and was “in the dark” about the whole thing[/caption]

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