Richard Hammond saves father and son car restoration firm with new business plan

Mr Hammond’s new firm promises to cater for all audiences from “smaller jobs to full restorations”. However, the Top Gear star has said he is “not delusional enough” to think someone would trust him with their expensive vehicle.

He hinted the car is unlikely to become a “marque specialist” with “surprises” set to come into their factory.

He said: “I don’t envisage us ever becoming a marque specialist.

“I’d far rather enjoy bigger surprises coming into the workshop… so we are open to all classic car owners offering everything from smaller jobs to full restorations.

“We are a new business and I’m not delusional enough to imagine anyone would immediately entrust us with a half million pound car, though, fingers crossed.

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He said the name is a reference to their commitment to attention to detail, attending cars “right down to the smallest cog”.

Mr Hammond said following in his grandfather’s footsteps was a massive inspiration for taking on the project.

He worked as a coachbuilder at the famous Mulliners factory in Birmingham and later at Jensen.

However, the final push for the new project came about after Mr Hammond’s restoration team were set to lose their workshop.

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