Richard Hammond’s Top 5 cars of all time includes iconic Bentley and classic Lamborghini

Among his five standouts, Mr Hammond went for the iconic Bentley Blower and stylish Lamborghini Miura. The Italian marquee was a highlight for the TV star with three Lamborghinis making his final list.

Mr Hammond drove the Miura as part of a Top Gear TV package where he was clearly impressed with the sportscar.

Meanwhile, the Bentley Blower is one of the rarest still in existence and is a cult hero among historic car collectors.

Among Top Gear fans, “Oliver” is the most popular addition and has featured in a range of Hammond’s work since.

The Opel was the only model used in the Botswana special to return to the UK after the end of production.

Mr Hammond has promised his new restoration business will be for all classic car owners.

He said the business would be offering everything from small repair jobs to full restorations.

Mr Hammond said the company was already seeing a lot of classic British sportscars coming into the garage to be looked at.

There is also a Lancia Fulvia Zagato which Hammond admits would be a “cool” project.

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