Ruth apologises to Priscilla Presley after Eamonn serenades her and pretends to be Elvis


Cringing Ruth Langsford apologised to Priscilla Presley today over her husband Eamonn Holmes’ reaction to meeting his idol’s wife.

Eamonn, 59, was overcome with excitement as he announced that they would be interviewing Elvis’ wife.

Before they even asked her anything, Eamonn began singing an Elvis song as Priscilla watched on in bemusement.

Embarrassed, a flustered Ruth told him to “stop it” as Priscilla asked whether he was ok.

“Not in front of Priscilla Presley, please!” Ruth exclaimed.

Eamonn Holmes began serenading Priscilla Presley, much to Ruth’s horror

Priscilla wasn’t a fan of Eamonn’s crooning

“It’s my only chance!” he insisted as he continue to sing.

After the interview, Eamonn was desperate to get a picture with her, running around to sit on the sofa with Priscilla and lifting his collar to look like Elvis.

Eamonn tried to mimic Elvis Presley for a photo

Priscilla didn’t appear too keen

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He then began to serenade her and Ruth jokingly called out: “Security! Tell this man to go away.”

Later, Ruth shook her head and said: “The shame for our children. That poor woman!”

As Eamonn began crooning once again, Ruth asked him despairingly: “Have you been drinking? This is what I deal with, people!”

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