Sarah Ferguson ridiculed for new video plugging debut novel – 'clumsy and badly-acted'

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, 60, has achieved a royal first by becoming the first member of the family to write a romantic novel. The Duchess of York’s debut romance for Mills & Boon is titled ‘Her Heart For A Compass’ and is due out this August.

Fergie shared a video of herself introducing the romance to fans on Twitter.

The Duchess of York’s tweet read: “I’m delighted to announce my first historical romance novel, #HerHeartForACompass, published in August by @MillsandBoon (UK) and @WmMorrowBooks(US)!

“Set in the Victorian era, the book is about daring to follow your heart against the odds.”

While some fans rushed to congratulate Fergie, some social media users ridiculed the move.

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One fan gushed: “This is absolutely wonderful!!

“I know you’ve had this project in your mind for a long time! So happy to see it coming out this year! Best of luck, can’t wait to read it!”

Another put: “Just read the description on Amazon, and it looks like a perfect book for a beach read. I will be ordering.”

But royal experts were more tentative with their praise.

ITV’s royal editor Chris Ship tweeted: “This is quite something. A debut romance @MillsandBoon novel by @SarahTheDuchess.

“Announced today – publication of Her Heart for a Compass in August. I have no other words left to add!”

The analyst said: “This clumsily-shot, clumsily choreographed and badly-acted book plug should remind us that we all need a little bit of Fergie in our lives to brighten up the gloom of lockdown.”

Judi added: “Strolling through a winter garden that for some reason happens to have two large, unrealistic-looking blooms hanging in among the frosted buds, Fergie has clearly chosen to suggest she is her own role-model for the book’s heroine, Lady Margaret, dressing in Regency splendor but then adding that signature ‘Tiger King’ Alice band on top of her head for good measure.”

According to the expert, Fergie’s facial expressions seek to “enthral” her audience.

Judi said: “Fergie begins with a facial expression every bit as signature as the Alice band, opening her eyes in a wide fully rounded shape in a bid to engage and enthral us.

“This eye-widening ritual is one parents tend to use to amuse small children by signalling excitement and surprise.

“Fergie used it a lot with Andrew back in the day and she continues to use it now in her role of story-teller.

“Her eyes scrunch back quickly though to scan her script.”

Judi claimed that the Duchess tries to create a “sexy allure” while speaking about her romantic novel.

She added: “Fergie’s poses are all about sexy allure now and even euphemism or double-entendre as she arches her back and raises her brows to inform us that Lady Margaret ‘Rides side-saddle’ as though announcing a scandal.

“To illustrate this style of riding Fergie loses the prop she has been holding and bends to raise her long skirts.

“Sadly the film is in landscape so that camera doesn’t catch if she is flashing her legs at us or merely giving a glimpse of ankle.”

While Fergie attempts to come across like a professional actor, Judi claimed that the Duchess’s true personality ultimately shines through.

Judi said: “Fergie tries so hard to appear like a bosom-heaving lead from Bridgeton but thankfully the real Fergie is as irrepressible as it was when she first married her prince.

“Striding out towards the cameras with no hint of Regency elegance she suddenly drops the sensual Mills & Boon act and shrieks like a small kid, telling us she so excited and can’t wait for her book to come out.”

Her Heart for a Compass is due to be published by Mills & Boon on August 3, 2021.

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