SAS Who Dares Wins finalists lift the lid on the terrifying show ahead of the final

TELLY’S toughest challenge comes to an end this Sunday with just seven recruits left standing on the final day of SAS Who Dares Wins.

And two of them had more to prove than just whether they could physically cut it going up against the special forces.

Pete Dadds/Channel 4

The SAS Who Dares Wins finalists lift the lid on the terrifying show[/caption]

Pete Dadds/Channel 4

TV’s toughest challenge comes to an end this Sunday[/caption]

The finalists are warehouse supervisor and part-time model and actor Adam King, Irish dancer Connor Smyth, salon owner DJ O’Neal, former Army cadet Justine Pellew-Harvey, dental engineer and electrician Kieran Lang, sports teacher Sean Anthony Sherwood and fitness coach Tyler Clark.

Kieran’s stutter has left him feeling like the underdog, while Connor has faced questions about his masculinity after seven years performing in Michael Flatley’s show Lord Of The Dance.

Kieran and Connor were polar opposites throughout the Channel 4 series.

While Connor has been the front runner, with chief instructor Ant Middleton shocked he didn’t have a military background, Keiran has been at the back of the pack from the start.

Pete Dadds/Channel 4

The full line up of SAS Who Dares Wins[/caption]

Speaking ahead of the final, Kieran said: “I did feel like the underdog, I saw some of the other recruits on the first day and they were all huge and I thought, ‘What the f**k have I signed myself up for?’”

He added: “I’ve always had that sense of determination though, it’s because I’ve got a speech impediment.

Meanwhile Connor said: “I wanted to show any young male dancers, or anyone who does a sport or discipline that isn’t perceived as ‘manly’, that you can be strong, tough and overcome obstacles that are put in front of you.”

He added: “After telling everyone how tough dancers are, I knew I couldn’t give up.”


The channel 4 show’s chief instructor is Ant Middleton[/caption]

  • The final of SAS Who dares Wins is on Channel 4 on Sunday at 9pm.

Mary is sharing the love

Mary Berry is back with yet another cookery show – but this time it isn’t a contest.

In Love To Cook, the kitchen queen will meet kindred spirits who love food and get them to share their stories and recipes.


Mary Berry is back with yet another cookery show[/caption]

Mary said: “This show is me in a nutshell. My cooking is all about sharing what I know and love, teaching and inspiring everyone to enjoy cooking as much as I do.

“Over the past year many have had unexpected time on their hands at home and have found a love of cooking to be comforting and healing in very difficult times.

“Love To Cook is all about celebrating just that, with wonderful characters as I travel the British Isles in a quest to meet and share in our passion for food.”

The six part-programme will air later this year on BBC2.

Grilled Adam has his chips

Former drug dealer Adam King manages to turn tough interrogation into something that resembles an episode of Come Dine With Me.

All the recruits are given a cover story they should to use in the event of being captured by the enemy.

Pete Dadds/Channel 4

Former drug dealer Adam King was sentenced to five years for dealing[/caption]

But when Adam’s offered a chicken and chips dinner in return for coughing up his true identity to interrogators . . .  he jumps at it.

And the Cardiff-born dad, who was sentenced to five years for dealing drugs a decade ago, spots an extra plate of food one of his interrogators hadn’t eaten and scoffs that too.

Instructor Jason Fox says: “He’s not a team player. You don’t break from your cover story until the last moment.”

DJ’s flirt flop

Ex-banker DJ gets treated to a foul-mouthed barrage after trying to flirt with a female interrogator during the finale.

He thought he could flex his muscles and use his charm on a former military expert brought in to put the recruits through their paces.

Pete Dadds / Channel 4

Ex-banker DJ tries to flirt with a female interrogator[/caption]

When she orders him to strip, DJ, from Bedford, starts smiling and winking at her. But it doesn’t go down well and she lets rip at him.

She storms: “I am not your f***ing friend. Take your clothes off, have you got underwear on because I don’t want to see that little todger flying around anytime soon.

“I’m struggling, you are boring. Honestly, I expected more from a lad with your biceps and tats.”

Watching from another room, Ant says with a laugh: “He’s hating this, he’s like, ‘What the f***? How do I charm this one?’ He can’t!”

Clive: My worry

Football commentator Clive Tyldesley reckons giving any point of view now runs the risk of provoking a backlash.

He said: “It’s becoming less and less of a good idea to share your opinion if you have any kind of public profile, which is a shame.”

Will Ireland/PinPep

Clive Tyldesley says giving any point of view runs the risk of provoking a backlash[/caption]

Speaking to the ‎Life With Brian podcast, Clive added: “I hopefully make sure any opinions that I voice aren’t in- sensitive.

“It’s not always easy to do that.”

Caged Tyler won’t be broken

Tyler Clark spends hours locked inside a cage during Sunday’s show but refuses to be fazed by it.

She was once sentenced to a year in prison for being part of a £1million drug gang.

Tyler Clark spends hours locked inside a cage during Sunday’s show

Tyler reckons her time behind bars gave her the grit to withstand anything the Special Forces heroes could throw at her during the interrogation stage of the course.

Tyler, from Cumbria says: “Sometimes you can think you’re at breaking point, but you’re not.

“I’ve been through a lot in my life. I can put on my war face and battle on, I’ll be that warrior.

“Being sent to prison was horrendous, I’ll remember that feeling for the rest of my life.

Minnow Films

Tyler was sentenced to a year in prison for being part of a drug gang[/caption]

“I didn’t know how I was going to get through it but you either come out stronger or it’s going to break you.

“Prison life is exactly how you’d imagine. It was rough, you need friends you can trust to be able to get through it.”

Youngest recruit

The youngest recruit has already climbed Everest Base Camp – and Ant Middleton thinks she will make the perfect soldier.

Justine Pellew-Harvey, now 19, is planning to join the military after reaching the final day of the course.

Pete Dadds / Channel 4

Justine Pellew-Harvey is the youngest recruit[/caption]

She said: “I can’t see myself doing anything other than having a military career.

“It’s discipline, it’s training, it’s leadership.”

In the show, Ant tells her: “You’ve done absolutely amazing, you’re 18 years old and I cannot believe how far you’ve come.”

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