Savage school worker who judges kids by name offers opinion on more – & there’s HUGE difference between Abis & Abigails

TURNS out your child’s name can say a lot about them, according to one savage school worker who has gone viral online.

The woman has been inundated with requests from people online, after sharing her sassy judgements on a whole host of monikers and turning out to be weirdly accurate.


One woman who works in a school has gone viral for judging kids’ names in videos on TikTok[/caption]


Miss Amanda shares her no holds barred opinions on a whole host of monikers[/caption]

TikTok user @theschoolofficelady, known as Miss Amanda, is known for sharing what a child’s name really says about them and she doesn’t hold back.

She’s tackled every name from Braxton and Emmett to Abigail and Megan, with Miss Amanda even giving her take on double-barrelled names too.

In her latest video, she revealed the big difference between Abigail and Abi, with an Abigail much more likely to be brutally honest than an Abi.

She shared: “Abigail – if you choose to call her Abigail instead of Abi, she’s going to reflect that, so she’ll probably have maybe like a little attitude, but she’s going to be honest. Honest Ab-igail… she’ll tell you the dead truth.”

In the same video, Miss Amanda voiced her opinion on the name Christian and claimed: “Christians are always little guys for some reason.

“They’re like either super sweet or the opposite, there’s no in-between. They’re always smaller kids, though. Cute kids, yeah.”

Her opinions seemed to hit home, with one mum replying: “hahaha yes!!! my daughter is brutally honest to everyone and Christian is the sweetest boy you will ever meet.”

Another commented: “HAHAHA my husband’s name is Christian, the sound was on loud. He smiled when he heard this cause there’s no arguing with that response.”

If your daughter’s name is Megan, then it’s good news as Miss Amanda revealed she has ended up “loving” every Megan she has ever met.

“Megans are those people they have to warm up to you. Every time I’ve met them, I’m not sure I quite like them and then I end up like loving them, like all, every one of them,” she explained.

“[They are] some of my favourite people, actually. So, good job Megan.”


As well as single names, Miss Amanda has tackled double-barrelled names, like Anna Clair and Shelby Kate, and insists they’re trouble.

“So I have a thing about double-named kids, actually,” she explained.

“You know when you get in trouble and your mum is like, ‘Amanda-Jane, get over here.’ I feel like you’ve just saved yourself a step, you don’t need to call them by their middle name when they get in trouble.

“So they’re probably one of those kids that always gets in trouble. Not because they’re like a bad kid, they just can’t get away with anything. They’re just that bad at it.”

Not surprisingly, people were keen to hear about more names – their own kids in particular – with hundreds of people leaving requests for Miss Amanda, who has over 1.5million likes on TikTok, in the comments of her videos.

Who knew a name could mean so much…


She reveals why the name Megan is good news and dishes the big difference between Abigail and Abi[/caption]


Parents have inundated Miss Amanda with requests as they’re desperate to hear what their child’s name really says about them[/caption]

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