Seven huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Tyrone Dobbs’ shock makeover

FIZ Stape is horrified when she claps eyes on her ex Tyrone Dobbs in a pair of skinny jeans next week in Coronation Street.

Here’s the lowdown on Tyrone’s new look and everything else that’s happening next week in Corrie….

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Nina continues to drown her sorrows next week

1. Nina spirals 

Nina staggers home after spending the night in the ginnel and lies to Roy about where she’s been. 

When Roy suggests she could work on her graphic novel, Nina tears it to shreds.

Roy and Asha tape it back together and post photos on her Instagram but Nina is only upset further by their gesture.


Carla warns Nina that drinking won’t solve her problems[/caption]

2. Carla intervenes

At the corner shop, Nina tries to steal another bottle of vodka.

However, Carla clocks her and steps in, warning that alcohol won’t solve any of her woes.

Will Nina listen?

Leanne emerges from her hideaway to face the music

3. Leanne returns 

With the trial looming next week, Nick, Leanne and Simon return to the cobbles to face the music. 

DS Glynn pays Leanne a visit and makes clear how important her evidence is in order to get Harvey banged up.

In prison, DS Glynn tells Harvey his plan won’t work and that the witnesses won’t be swayed.


Alina puts Tyrone in a pair of skinny jeans[/caption]

4. Alina gives Tyrone a makeover

Evelyn is shocked by Tyrone’s makeover when she calls to pick up the girls and has a good laugh.

When she quizzes him, Tyrone goes red and admits that Alina chose his new clothes.

Will Tyrone grow sick of Alina’s meddling?

Fiz has a good laugh at Tyrone

5. Fiz has the last laugh

Later in the week, Emma invites some friends to a cocktail evening Curtis has organised at the bistro.

Fiz is upset when Alina arrives but, when she spots Tyrone traipsing along behind her in his new skinny jeans, she manages to have the last laugh.

Nina tells Tommy Orpington that Corey kicked her boyfriend to death

6. Nina confronts Corey 

In the hotel bar, Nina spots Corey chatting to Tommy Orpington and is filled with rage.

As Tommy shows off Corey’s ‘Best New Talent’ award, Nina storms over and tells Tommy that Corey kicked her boyfriend to death.

As they go to leave, Nina picks up the award and follows them, but what is she planning?

7. Bernie takes revenge 

Bernie is disgusted to hear that Dev was laughing about their one-night stand with Steve – and plots her revenge. 

But what is she planning?

Later, Dev presents Bernie with flowers and tells her he hopes they can still be friends.

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