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Seven huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Dani Dyer’s arrival

DANI Dyer will be in action alongside dad Danny next week in EastEnders as she takes on the role of Mick Carter’s cab driver, Jeanette. 

Here’s the lowdown on next week’s episodes of the BBC One soap…

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Dani Dyer makes her debut in EastEnders as Mick Carter’s cab driver[/caption]

1. Dani Dyer makes her debut

Mick realises he’s late to his wife Linda’s baby scan next week after getting distracted by his daughter Nancy. 

He jumps into a taxi and meets Jeanette the cab driver. 

But it all kicks off when Jeanette’s waters break and Mick is forced to jump behind the wheel and get them both to hospital. 

Will they make it in time?


Ruby is told it’s likely she’ll miscarry again[/caption]

2. There’s tragedy in store for Ruby 

EastEnders viewers know that Ruby lost her unborn baby earlier this year and was later diagnosed with endometriosis.

Next week, Ruby gets an excruciating pain in her stomach and rushes to the hospital. 

She’s left heartbroken when the doctor breaks the news that it’s very likely she’ll miscarry again.

Will Ruby tell Martin?


Callum struggles to cope in the wake of Fitzy’s horror stabbing[/caption]

3. Callum struggles to cope

Callum struggles to cope after his pal Fitzy’s stabbing next week in EastEnders.

Ash arrives and tells Callum that Fitzy is stable, but that he’s sworn to secrecy.

Whitney overhears and urges Callum to confide in Ben, but he admits he can’t face it.

Whitney realises Callum is suffering from his PTSD and urges him to talk to someone.


Ben worries when he spots Callum jumping into a taxi with his ex Whitney[/caption]

4. Ben fears the worst

Oblivious to Fitzy’s stabbing, Ben fears the worst when he spots Callum jumping into a taxi with his ex Whitney to visit Fitzy in hospital. 

Will Ben confront Callum and make the situation a whole lot worse?

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Tiffany decides to become an influencer[/caption]

5. Tiffany makes a career change

Tiffany Butcher decides it’s time for a career change when her husband Keegan is shortlisted for a street food competition.

Tiffany tells Keegan they should set up a social page as a couple and he agrees it sounds like a good idea.

She calls a beautician to help her get prepped for a shoot for her new beauty profile. 

When the beautician suggests fillers and botox, Tiffany agrees straightaway without thinking the decision through. 

Will she regret it?


Rainie struggles to cope without baby Abi next week in EastEnders[/caption]

6. Rainie and Stuart struggle to cope 

Stuart and Rainie Highway struggle to cope without baby Abi next week in EastEnders. 

Viewers know that Max Branning snatched his granddaughter Abi when Jack Branning took her to visit him in France earlier this week. 

Next week, an emotional Rainie heads to the police station to inquire about Abi, but will they be able to find Max?

7. Bernie lies to Rainie

Karen, Bernie and Tiffany go to their first weight loss class, where Karen and Tiffany are no help whatsoever.

Bernie later sees Rainie and exaggerates how much weight she’s lost in the hope that she’ll reconsider her offer to be her surrogate. 

Meanwhile, Karen, Bernie and Tiffany go to their first weight loss class, where Karen and Tiffany are no help whatsoever.

Will Rainie accept Bernie’s offer?

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