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Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood reveals powerful scene cut from Netflix’s season 2 after BAFTA win

NETFLIX’S Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood has revealed that a powerful scene was cut from season 2 after her BAFTA win.

Aimee, who plays bubbly blonde Aimee Gibbs in the high-school drama, said a scene she filmed with her onscreen mum, played by Susan Lynch was cut from the show.

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Aimee Lou Wood revealed a powerful scene was cut from a very poignant moment in the series 2[/caption]

Viewers saw Aimee sexually assaulted by a man on a bus and her brave struggle with the aftermath.

The actress, 26, revealed the scene that the one scene that was removed related to the night she was attacked.

She said: “It’s after the girls have all been smashing stuff and then she goes back… but it kind of felt like, and I get it, it felt like a bit of a double ending because all the girls waiting for Aimee and saying, ‘We’re all getting the bus’… that was her catharsis, that moment.

“And it felt like a double catharsis because she comes back, she tells her mum, they have this amazing scene, and then the next scene would be all the girls waiting,” she continued, according to Metro.


The actress said a moving scene with her her onscreen mum was cut from the programme[/caption]

The TV star said that she only noticed the scene was missing when she watched the episode back.

She added: “So they had to pick one of the two and I’m really glad they picked all the girls waiting because it’s my favourite scene ever.

“But the scene with Susan, she was so bloody brilliant in it and we were a bit smug on the day. We were like, ‘Bloody hell, we’re doing some good acting today.’”

Aimee’s revelation comes days after she won Best Female performance in a comedy programme at the Baftas.

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Aimee said onscreen mum played by Susan Lynch provided a ‘brilliant’ performance[/caption]

She admitted she was “spaced out and shocked” by her success, sparking fits of laughter in the star-studded attendees at the Virgin Media-sponsored event at Television Centre in West London.

Fans are excited to see what’s next in store for the hit Netflix show as they left on a cliff hanger at the end of season two.

Season two followed Otis as he took his relationship with his new girlfriend Ola to the next level – and also came to terms with the fact that his mum is dating his girlfriend’s dad.

However, the series ended with Otis and Maeve parting ways before Otis left Maeve a voicemail which makes his feelings clear.

Getty Images – Getty

Aimee won Best Female Performance in a comedy programme at the Baftas on Sunday[/caption]

His best pal Eric received a visit from a ghost from the past after he bumped into Adam working in a pharmacy.

The series saw Adam come out as bisexual and he made a public declaration of his feelings for Eric.

Meanwhile, Jean (Gillian Anderson) and Jakob’s (Mikael Persbrant) relationship comes to an end just as Jean discovers that she is pregnant.

Jean also forms an unlikely connection with Mrs Groff (Samantha Spiro) and a friendship between the two women begins to develop.

There’s no official word about Sex Education season three but fans are hoping to get an update from Netflix later this year.

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