Shocking moment Arkansas trooper FLIPS pregnant woman’s car at speed for going 14mph over the limit

A PREGNANT woman’s SUV was flipped over after an Arkansas state trooper ended a pursuit by crashing into her because he claimed she was speeding and didn’t pull over quickly.

Nicole Harper, 38, is suing the department for the dangerous incident on dashcam where she was two months pregnant at the time and feared she may have lost her child. 

Arkansas State Police

Moment las July when a dashcam captures Arkansas State Trooper Rodney Dunn performing a PIT maneuver to stop expecting mother Nicole Harper for failing to slow down fast enough[/caption]

Arkansas State Police

Harper’s SUV flipped over and the woman worried that she may have lost her child[/caption]

“She cried herself to sleep,” her attorney Andrew Norwood told NBC News.  

Dashcam footage released as part of her lawsuit filed last month in Pulaski County Circuit Court recounts how Harper was behind the wheel of her SUV back on an evening of July 9, 2020, when the trooper performed a PIT maneuver, causing her car to crash.

She was clocked driving at 84 MPH in a 70 MPH zone while traveling along US Highway 167 in Jacksonville, Arkansas. 

The video shows Trooper Rodney Dunn flashing his lights and switching his siren on.

Arkansas State Police

Harper’s brakes flash as she appears to slow down after the trooper sounded a siren and lights[/caption]

Arkansas State Police

Just after the trooper’s car struck Harper’s it swerved hard into the median[/caption]

Soon after, the woman appears to slow down and activates her blinkers in an attempt to switch lanes to the right. 

Her attorney blames the roadway’s cramped space, limiting her means to safely stop on the highway because of the heavy dividers.

“It’s essentially a bowling alley with bumpers on both sides,” Norwood told NBC News. “There’s nowhere to go, you’re boxed in by concrete barriers on both sides.”

Just over 2 minutes elapses, the lawsuit accuses the trooper of striking the rear of Harper’s vehicle to perform a PIT maneuver or “pursuit intervention technique.” 

Arkansas State Police

After Harper explained why she didn’t immediately stop once the trooper pursued her, he can be heard telling her: “Well this is where you ended up… Ma’am, you got to pull over.”[/caption]

Arkansas State Police

Harper is suing the department for the incident after she was cited for speeding and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle[/caption]

The woman clearly loses control of the car and can be seen swerving hard to hit the median and for a couple of moments is out of the frame of the dashcam. 

As Trooper Dunn turns around, the car is resting on its front hood.

“Why didn’t you stop?” the Dunn can be heard asking Harper after he steps up to the wreckage. 

“Because I didn’t feel like it was safe,” she answered.

“Well this is where you ended up,” Dunn said. “Ma’am, you got to pull over.”

The civil complaint accuses the trooper’s PIT maneuver on Harper that night as “reckless” and resulted in “substantial risk of physical injury.”

The incident caused Harper to fear the worst because when an emergency room doctor was unable to be sure her unborn child was alive because a heartbeat wasn’t detected.

But the next day, Harper’s gynecologist verified the baby was alive.

She welcomed the birth of her daughter in February, according to NBC News. 

Harper was cited for speeding and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

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