Shocking TikTok vid shows teen, 18, being ‘groped on boobs and arms’ through gap in the seat on Spirit Airlines flight

A TIKTOK video shows an older man groping a woman aboard a Spirit Airlines flight – and the teen says no one intervened.

“The man was like 50-60s and I was so uncomfy @spiritairlines #fyp#foryou #harassmentawareness,” read the video’s caption, which was posted to TikTok.

A man was caught on tape groping a teen aboard a Spirit flight

“On my flight to California the man behind kept touching my arms and boobs,” the video started.

The video shows the woman sitting in the window seat leaning back when she moves to show the man’s hand grasping for air between the seat gap.

Posted on Wednesday night by the user @mobilesushibar, the woman says she showed the video to Spirit flight attendants and those in her proximity, only to be ignored.

“And when I confronted him and showed the video to everyone around me and the flight attendants I was told to sit down and stay quiet 😐,” the video narrated. “F you spirit airlines.”

The woman said the flight attendants ignored her

The poster got plenty of supportive messages following the video, with people urging she file a suit against Spirit.

“I’d yell and scream and make a scene, everyone needs to know,” wrote one user.

“I did…” the poster responded.

“[T]hey told me to sit down and be quiet, and my mom told me the same,” she added.

“@spiritairlines what are you going to do about this?!? This is APPALLING!!!” wrote another commenter.

The video has been watched over 810,000 times and has over 255,000 likes and comments since it was posted two days ago.

In a subsequent set of videos, the woman said she boarded the plane at 6AM with her family and sat in separate seats.

She said she then switched with a woman who wanted the aisle seat.

She said she was getting settled and began reading a book when she “felt a slight tough like something was caressing me right here”

“I wonder what this feeling could be, it was really subtle, and I reached my hand over and touched his finger tips,” she continued.

She then texted her sister to tell her that she was being groped. “I thought it would stop there because he knows that I know that he was touching me because I touched his fingertips.”

After some time passed and she resumed the previous position so she can read, “it happened again, so this is when I was like I can tell he’s trying to reach for my boobs.”

“So I have to sit there through an hour of harassment,” she added to get video of him to show the flight attendants.

“He was trying to deny it,” she said after showing them the video “and I was told to please calm down, sit down, be quiet.”

“That made me really upset that no one cared that I was going through that for so long.”

“The fact that I had to sit there and collect evidence for nothing speaks volumes.”

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