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'Show compassion to your brother!' Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry over 'crass' Oprah chat

“I don’t see him giving endless interviews about it and saying how tough his life is because your brother stayed here in the pandemic and has done a fantastic job frankly him and his wife and the other senior royals,” the GMB presenter continued. 

“That’s called duty. You get all the baubles, you get all the castles, the palaces, the servants, the trinkets, you get the first class travel…”

“But they’ve given that up,” Susanna reasoned. “They said that they don’t want the palaces, the baubles and the staff.”

“They’ve still got their royal titles Susanna,” Piers said as Susanna hit back: “Which is within the gift of the Queen and I don’t see how you think you have more authority than the Queen in deciding whether they should keep their royal titles.”

“These two want to have their royal cake and eat it and that’s the central problem with this whole issue,” he concluded. 

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