Smug cleaning fanatic points out the ‘worst cleaning mistakes’ people make, then gets roasted for her own blunder

SOMETIMES it seems there’s no point in getting family members to help with the cleaning, because we often have to do it all again just so it’s done properly.

Fed-up with her husband’s poor attempt at household chores, TikTok user Liesl Elizabeth shared a funny clip detailing some of his worst cleaning mistakes – but people were quick to pick up on her own blunder.


The cleaning fan shared a video mocking all the annoying cleaning habits some people, including her husband, have[/caption]

The Australian woman filmed herself pretending to unload the dishwasher, only to leave the items on the kitchen bench rather than putting them away.

To show how it should be done, Liesl put the clean baby bottles inside a basket and into the cupboard – but there was one issue.

Many people pointed out that the bottles were still wet and roasted her for not allowing them to dry first.

Many argued this could be dangerous as not drying kitchen items could lead to mould and bacteria developing.


One of them was unloading the dishwasher but leaving the items on the bench rather than putting them away[/caption]


Showing how it should be done, the woman put them in a basket and away in the cupboard – but people pointed out that she hadn’t dried them first[/caption]

“Let those bottles air dry lady or your child will be drinking freaking mould!”‘ one person wrote.

And another said: “Please don’t leave bottles closed.”

While a third simply wrote: “They are still wet.”

Defending herself, Liesl said: “Guys I know the bottles were wet, I don’t store them like this.”


She also took aim at putting the loo roll on the wrong way[/caption]


Although people roasted her for the baby bottle slip up, others agreed with the other cleaning jobs[/caption]

And added that she only did this quickly “for the video.”

Although people saw an issue with the small blunder, others agreed that the rest of the clip was pretty accurate.

Liesl highlighted the mistake people make when putting the toilet roll on the wrong way, as well as leaving wet cloths in the kitchen sink after doing the washing up.

Another annoying habit she claims her husband has is dumping freshly dried laundry into the bottom of a basket, creasing them all.

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