Stacey Solomon fans say they’ve known for WEEKS she was pregnant after spotting ‘secret clues’

STACEY Solomon’s fans have insisted they knew the star was pregnant WEEKS ago after spotting “secret clues“.

The mum-of-three, 31, revealed she was expecting her second child with fiancé Joe Swash yesterday after suffering devastating miscarriages while trying to conceive.

Instagram / Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are expecting their second child together[/caption]

Thrilled fans rushed to congratulate the Loose Women presenter – and many weren’t surprised by the announcement.

“I had a feeling you were because you were tired all of the time,” said one of her 4.5million Instagram followers.

“Massive congratulations.”

Another said: “I knew it! I said it weeks ago.”


The Loose Women star announced her happy news yesterday[/caption]

Someone else added: “What did I say a few weeks ago – I had a feeling she was pregnant.”

Here we take a look at the vital clues Stacey had inadvertently given away before realising she was pregnant.

Mystery illness

On March 17, Stacey told how she had tested negative for coronavirus – but said that she is “still feeling gross” with a mystery illness.

The 31-year-old star had worried fans when she came off social media after going offline because she felt “rough”.

Instagram/Stacey Solomon

Stacey admitted that she was ‘feeling gross’[/caption]

Stacey said at the time: “Still feeling so gross, it’s not Covid thankfully – we’ve been tested… Boys have to be tested for school so it’s good to know.

“I think it’s just, I don’t know if anyone else gets this, but you know when you’ve had an intense few weeks/months and then your body just shuts down a bit at the end? I think that’s what it is.”

Revealing that she definitely isn’t back to her usual, crafty self, Stacey went on: “The boys are in school, they asked for a green breakfast for St Patrick’s Day (Joe’s family are Irish so he’s been telling them all about it).

She updated fans with a snap of her sons’ breakfasts
Instagram / Stacey Solomon

Stacey blamed a busy few weeks for being run down[/caption]

Extreme tiredness

Fans have been noticing Stacey is sleeping more than usual over the past few weeks.

The Loose Women star has been napping during the day, falling asleep on the sofa and sleeping in more.


It comes just days after she was spoilt on Mother’s Day[/caption]

Joe Swash tried to help his wife-to-be catch up on her sleep by stealing her phone and turning off her alarm.

He said: “Stolen her phone and turned off her alarm because for some reason she likes to set it for stupid o’clock so she wakes up before everyone in the house. Not today.


Stacey posted this yesterday[/caption]

“Going to grab the boy and try and leave her here for as long as I can.”

In March Stacey admitted was going to nap with youngest son Rex while her older children were at school.

She warned followers she’d be off her usually active Instagram Stories while she tried to “get rid of this rough feeling”.

Feeling emotional

Stacey kept telling fans “I don’t know what’s wrong with me” as she admitted breaking down in tears a number of times over the past few weeks.

She got very emotional after she finished decorating her youngest son Rex’s bedroom.

Stacey said she’s an emotional wreck

And was teary after finding her dream wedding dress.

She also couldn’t stop crying on Rex’s second birthday.

“I was just an emotional loser the whole morning,” Stacey admitted.

Breaking down in tears as she paid tribute to the two-year-old after throwing him an amazing birthday party, Stacey said: “Happy Birthday Pickle. Oh baby boy we hope you’ve had the bestest day ever. My animal loving little Maui. How are you two years old already…

“Watching you grow every day, learn and develops into such a special human alongside your brothers is our biggest privilege.

Instagram / Stacey Solomon

Joe got into character and dressed up for Rex’s birthday[/caption]

“Every day your smile and joy just keeps us going. Mummy will keep working on her costume skills as you grow I promise.

“Rex you bring so much happiness into our lives every day… Zachy, Leighton, Harry, Theo, Peanut, Meowiii, Daddy and Mummy love you all the way to the moon and stars and back again. “

She added: “Always. Can the years start slowing down now please?

“Thank you everyone for your beautiful messages, stories and posts, they’ve had me ready all day.

“We love you all so so much. This really is a special place.”

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