Stacey Solomon transforms unborn baby’s room with pink flowered wall & tells trolls she ‘doesn’t care if it’s too much’

STACEY Solomon has transformed her unborn baby’s room with a pink flowered wall and told trolls she ‘doesn’t care if it’s too much’.

The 31-year-old is expecting her first daughter with fiancee Joe Swash, and has been sharing various excited posts on social media in recent weeks.

Stacey Solomon has transformed her unborn baby girl’s bedroom
Stacey decided to do a flower wall and didn’t care if people thought it was ‘too much’

On Saturday Stacey – who has three sons – took to her Instagram Stories to show off her step by step process in making her baby girl’s bedroom a floral fantasy.

Posting a close up shot of the flower panels she was using, she wrote: “Okay so I’m starting the last flower wall…I just couldn’t resist.”

She added on video: “I don’t mind if people think its too much, I just can’t help myself.”

She then shared a video of herself smiling in front of the completed wall and wrote across it: “I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but…I’ve finished the wall and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.”


She then shared a time lapse video of her applying each panel of flowers to the wall and around a statement mirror.

Stacey wrote: “So Joe put the mirror up. This is only a little room so I thought the mirror would open it out a bit and it really did.

“Then I just cut my flower panels around the mirror and nailed them in first then staple gunned any loose bits.”

Stacey then showed off her before and after transformation snaps of the wall, which looked incredible covered in the various coloured pink and white flowers.

She wrote: “Honestly, it’s not for everyone but this to me is fejka heaven and just everything.

“Obviously as she gets older and starts crawling I’ll make sure she doesn’t eat it but for now and for quite some time before we are there I just love it so much.

“Baby girl I can’t wait to see you in this mirror.”

Stacey shared a time lapse video of her putting the flower panels up around a mirror
She then showed off the finished result

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