Stacey Solomon’s second baby with Joe Swash will be a girl says psychic who predicted BOTH of star’s pregnancies

STACEY Solomon’s second baby with Joe Swash will be a GIRL says the psychic who predicted BOTH of the star’s pregnancies.

Stacey, 31, revealed last night that she had been trying to fall pregnant for a while.


Stacey Solomon, 31, revealed last night that she’s pregnant with her fourth child[/caption]

But pychic Sally Cudmore appeared on Loose Women back in 2017 and made the shock revelation about Stacey’s growing brood and future marriage plans.

In unnearthed footage psychic said Stacey would fall pregnant and get engaged around the same time.

Sally appeared on Loose Women and pointed towards Stacey, saying: “I am going to your stomach area. I know you are a little bit hesitant. I can see pink for a girl around you. A pregnancy…”

Stacey, who was 27 years old at and had not yet fallen pregnant with third baby Rex yet, quickly shut her down saying: “No, no, no.”

Psychic Sally said Stacey would have a girl and would get engaged back in 2017
Stacey was happy to hear she would be getting a ring
Loose Women’s Jane Moore was really sceptical about the whole thing

The psychic added: “I am not saying (you are pregnant) now. They don’t give time limits, in spirits.”

She added: “Also there’s a ring going on your finger.”

Delighted Stacey cheered and shouted: “Finally.”

Stacey joked that she was horrified by the prediction – but Sally later told The Sun she was secretly over the moon about her future family with boyfriend Joe.

Sally said: “I told her she was going to have a baby, but she was having none of it. She was happy about the engagement, but not the pregnancy.

“I left that day knowing I was right, and that time would tell. I’m really happy for them. Secretly that’s what she wanted all along.”

Instagram / Stacey Solomon

Stacey announced her pregnancy last night on Instagram[/caption]

Stacey filmed her ultrasound scan as she announced her pregnancy
The couple see their baby for the first time

Stacey –  who got engaged in December – announced her pregnancy news on Instagram last night saying she has “never been so grateful”.

She added “we didn’t think we would get the chance” and even shocked fans by admitting they had been trying for another baby “for a really long time”.

“We decided we were so lucky already to have our boys,” she added.

“It is our biggest privilege in life and we are so grateful to be parents so we stopped trying and counted ourselves so, so, so blessed already.”

She added that after going for a check-up they were “so grateful to hear an extra heartbeat”.

Stacey and Joe, who is best known for playing Mickey Miller in EastEnders, have a son named Rex together.

She also has two children from previous relationships, while Joe has another son called Harry.

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