State pension: Your National Insurance contributions may not be qualifying – rules defined

State pension pays out an amount that is dependent on a person’s National Insurance history. A minimum of 10 years will be needed to receive anything and at least 35 years will be needed for the full amount.

Fortunately, it’s possible to check on a National Insurance record before hitting state pension age.

This can be done by going to the government’s website.

The user doing this will need a government gateway user ID and password but this can be created when checking the record.

It’s also possible to request a printed National Insurance statement online, by phone or by writing to HMRC.

Class three contributions will cost £15.30 per week.

It’s usually possible to pay voluntary contributions for the past six years and the deadline is April 5 each year.

When a person is ready to receive their state pension, they will need to take certain actions.

State pensions are never paid out automatically, they must be claimed and it can be claimed online, over the phone or by post.


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