Stimulus check update: Renters can apply for relief as federal eviction moratorium set to expire this month

RENTERS struggling to make rent at the end of this month’s eviction moratorium to apply for credit to cover their living expenses as new relief pops up for non-homeowners.

Thanks to a new stimulus deal worth about $42 billion, renters can contact their local municipal government to gain stimulus credits to pay their rent only if they meet certain requirements similar to unemployment.

Those struggling to pay rent can apply for stimulus relief

Although home prices surged during the pandemic and helped homeowners secure their assets, renters relied on a nationwide ban on evictions to get them through the pandemic.

That is until the moratorium’s expiration date at the end of this month.

You’re not alone if you’re falling behind on rental payments – a University of California study showed there are six million renters in the country that owe close to $20 million in rent payments.

With 14 percent of renters behind on their payment according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, renters can seek stimulus payments from their local government that will go towards paying for their monthly living spaces.

With the eviction moratorium set to expire at the end of this month, Congress has allotted $42 billion in rental assistance

To qualify, at least one member of the household must be eligible for unemployment benefits. If not, one needs to prove their inability to pay rent because of the pandemic.

One can also demonstrate their risk of becoming homeless or their housing instability to qualify for the funds.

These funds can be used to pay past due rent, late fees, relocation expenses, and rental fees.

However there’s one catch – your household income should be equal to or less than 80 percent of the area median income.

If you are eligible for the stimulus, you can contact your local or state housing authority for the application process, and visit the National Low Income Housing Coalition website for more information.

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