Tipping Point host Ben Shephard speechless over contestant's unbelievable U-turn

Despite Paul leading the way for much of tonight’s Tipping Point, it was Sally who made it into the final round with the chance to take home £20,000 for her chosen charity. Unfortunately, it seemed the Tipping Point was going to make things very difficult for her to win the jackpot.

The former Coronation Street managed with win three coins for correctly answering her final question on TV.

The first two coins failed to help tip the jackpot counter over the edge and she only had one chance left to win big.

After seeing the penultimate coin fail to budge any of the counters, host Ben Shephard and Sally looked at the machine with despair.

Turning to Ben, Sally declared: “I used to love this game,” as he groaned in anger.

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“Right, one more to go,” he said turning his attention back to the game. “Drop zone four?”

Sally confirmed: “Yes please Ben,” and launched the final counter into the machine.

It fell on the opposite side of drop zone four to where the jackpot counter lay suggesting it was game over.

But Ben declared: “Don’t give up on it yet! A bit of lateral, it could squeeze all the way.”

Sally squealed: “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this how and gone, ‘Oh it’s not going over for them,’ and it went over for me. Thank you so much.”

“Our pleasure,” Ben replied. “£20,000!”

It wasn’t just Ben who was happy about Sally’s win as viewers at home were also rooting for the star to take the jackpot.

“@sally_lindsay just won #TippingPoint. I LOVE her! I’ve never wanted someone to win so much,” one viewer posted on Twitter.

Another added: “Yes well done Sally!!!! So happy for you phew that was close. What a fantastic charity and very worthy win for a down to earth lady #tippingpoint.”

A third continued: “Congratulations @sally_lindsay on winning £20,000 such a lovely sounding charity it’s going to as well #tippingpoint.”

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm.

Ben Shephard cuts off Kate Garraway over marriage probe: 'This isn't about me'

Ranvir continued: “I started doing a bit of exercise. I loathe exercise.”

“You don’t need to worry about it, you shed so many pounds,” her co-host and former Strictly star Kate advised.

But as they discussed preparation for the show, Iain Dale, who had also joined the hosts today, cut in to reveal his sister had sent him a message which read: “Mmm Ben.”

Ranvir giggled as she explained: “We get messages like that all the time.”

Ben Shephard gobsmacked by Tipping Point penalty pot first: 'Not sure we've seen that!'

With both Gary and Jean sitting on a total of £0, and Hope and Simon left on £350, all of the players were hoping they’d get access to the penalty pot.

However, it was Jean who buzzed in fastest to provide Ben with the right answer to the penalty question of “how many years are in a half century?”

Jean racked her score up to £750, knocking Gary out in the process.

This left Jean, Simon and Hope with it all to play for as the show entered its second round.

Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard issues warning to guest after furious rant: 'Careful!'

“Comedy engages whether you agree with it or not. The job of a comedian, to an extent, is to cause mischief, to say the supposedly unsayable and that’s actually where the debate revolves around these days because different people are in charge of different arguments,” Al continued.

Taking aim at the Government, he said: “And also to flick V’s at the government. I mean, honestly. We’re supposed to be gargoyles.

“We’re meant to be warding off evil spirits or caging mischief or causing trouble,” the comedian declared.

“If people want more right-wing comedians, they need to vote for a left-wing government and the truth is when [Tony] Blair was in power and [Gordon] Brown, they copped flack from comics so it’s simply not true that there is this bias.”

Ben Shephard speechless as GMB's Andi Peters makes awkward Piers Morgan blunder

Ben, 45, joined Susanna Reid, 49, behind the news desk on Good Morning Britain as he filled in for Piers Morgan, 55, on Thursday. As part of the programme’s schedule, the presenters spoke with Andi, 50, who was on duty to inform ITV viewers about the latest competition details. However, with the hosting line-up changing several times this week, it seems the television veteran was left slightly confused as he got the names of his co-stars mixed up.

Having completed his segment, the presenter handed the reins back to his colleagues in the studio but thought he was talking with Piers, not Ben.

Quickly realising his mistake, Andi backtracked and tried to skirt over the blunder as he went on to ask: “Ben and Susanna, have you ever got in a car and started driving to the wrong place?”

Not letting him get away with the error, Susanna hit back: “No, but I’ve known people call other presenters the wrong name.”

After a period of silence from the Tipping Point star, he told his co-star: “That’s showbiz Andi, that’s showbiz.”

Hugely embarrassed, Andi then tried to get the camera to cut away from him before he was seen falling to the floor.

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The shot finally returned to the presenters in the studio, with Susanna simply saying: “Awks,” after watching the blunder unfold.

Ben expressed his astonishment over Andi’s mistake, as he continued: “Do you know what? [Andi] gave me my first job in tele.”

“And he still thinks your Piers Morgan,” his co-host remarked, to which the Tipping Point star said: “[Andi] still can’t remember my name.”

Newsreader Charlotte Hawkins, 45, chimed in as she told her college the competition presenter had “forgotten him already”.

It is usual for Piers to be replaced on Thursdays and Fridays as he only hosts the show for the first three days of the week.

This was altered slightly during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure a limited number of presenters had to travel to the studios.

Having returned from his own holiday break on Tuesday, the outspoken host has already been sharing details of how ratings have increased since he made his comeback.

In view of his 1.2 million followers, the Life Stories star wrote: “Breaking: Our first day back on @gmb yesterday was the highest-rated show in the programme’s history!”


“28 percent audience share. 47 percent up year-on-year,” Piers posted on Wednesday morning, before taking a swipe at the show’s rivals.

“Sadly, @bbcbreakfast collapsed to its lowest rating of the year…thoughts with them at this difficult time.

“Thanks for watching!” he continued, grateful for the support of his followers for keeping him on the air.

Piers will be back behind the news desk on Monday morning, with Susanna likely to be absent from Friday’s show too in line with the programme’s rota.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

Ben Shephard: GMB star returns to Devon wedding venue to share special occasion with wife

Good Morning Britain star Ben Shephard is currently enjoying a relaxing UK Staycation with his family following a break from his busy television commitments. During his time in Devon, the 45-year-old presenter returned to his stunning wedding venue to mark a special occasion with his wife Annie.

Ben and Annie, who share two sons together – Sam, 13, and Jack, 15, tied the knot at Burgh Island Hotel back in 2004.

Yesterday they returned to the art deco hotel, which sits on it’s own tidal island in Devon, to celebrate Annie’s birthday.

The couple first visited the hotel 17 years ago according to Ben’s Instagram post which he shared with his 416,000 followers yesterday.

The TV star posted several pictures from their return trip, with one capturing his beautiful wife sipping a cocktail and another of the pair with a member of the bar staff.

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Instagram followers and fans headed straight to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts and wish Annie a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday Annie, gorgeous couple,” one social media user wrote.

Sharing a similar thought another added: “Stunning couple.”

“Wow, Fabulous Birthday Pressie,” a third follower remarked.

Referring to Ben and Annie’s wedding venue, a fourth fan pointed out: “That was on James Martin highlands to islands I think not so long ago.”

Ben Shephard infuriates Tipping Point fans with 'irritating' habit: ‘What's the point?'

But unfortunately, he was knocked out and Dai went through with £1,800 to play for. 

Meanwhile, Ben has revealed how the show has had to adapt and change due to the current coronavirus situation.

Last week, the host featured on Lorraine, telling fans: “As you know, we have to make some big changes.

“Usually all the contestants are in rows along the front row here, but that’s had to change because we’ve had to social distance, so now we’ve invented these two new positions,” he said, as the camera showed-off to two staggered panels.

Tipping Point airs weekdays from 4pm on ITV.

Tipping Point host Ben Shephard unveils new format of show amid coronavirus difficulties

Tipping Point has made some stark changes to the studio as coronavirus continues to disrupt normality across the nation. The ITV game show has undergone a totally new look to comply with strict government advice on social distancing and host Ben Shephard revealed the new format for the first time.

Speaking to Andi Peters on Friday who was filing in for Lorraine, Ben, who has hosted the show since its debt in 2012, was excited to get season 11 underway after filming was cancelled in March when the UK was locked down.

During the height of the public health crisis, many productions were forced to cease or cancel filming altogether.

“As you all know, we have to make some big changes,” Ben began as he walked around the revamped studio.

“Usually all the contestants are in rows along the front row here, but that’s had to change because we’ve had to social distance, so now we’ve invented these two new positions,” he said, as the camera panned to two staggered panels.

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Ben noticed the contestants positioned behind the first row might be quite far back but there was “plenty of room” between them and the contestant in front.

He added that the view from the machine is “compromised” by the staggered effect, so producers are adding another screen that will show the counter zone.

“It seems to be working quite nicely,” he boasted, grinning.

Ben is also set further away from the participants in, as he calls, his “position of power”.

Ahead of the new series, Ben announced he would be taking a break from his post on Good Morning Britain.

He has been a regular host on the flagship ITV news show since 2014, alongside pal Kate Garraway, who recently retuned to the panel after a three month hiatus following her husband Derek’s health conditions.

While speaking to Andi about the new changes to his show, the entertainment reporter had a go at taking on the giant slot machine.

And Ben was absolutely shocked by his poor performance.

Ben Shephard: GMB star's heartbreaking confession for 'quitting TV' revealed

Ben Shephard left ITV viewers in tears after he shared an emotional poem about his career and life ambitions this week. The 45-year-old’s thoughtful piece was aired as he announced a plan to step away from ‘Good Morning Britain’. Part of the decision was to give him time to film more episodes of the game show ‘Tipping Point’, but also he wants to spend more time with his family. The star has fronted a number of popular programmes in his time including ‘Ninja Warrior’ and ‘Goals on Sunday’. But in a candid confession before his break from TV, he divulged the moments that led him to step away from the limelight. 

Shephard revealed the motivations behind the choice to step down from his role on Sky Sports – and that he hoped to free up more time over the weekend to “benefit” from precious moments with his family.

He explained that no longer being a presenter for ‘Goals on Sunday’ would enable him to cheer on sons Sam, 14, and Jack, 12, while they played sports. 

The GMB star said: “If there are things we can share, football, cricket, golf, these are days that I will be able to cherish for a long, long time.”

Shephard’s departure came after his son “got upset” over him being unable to watch him play cricket and led to the promise that “it would soon be over”.

He added: “Both have football and rugby on Sunday mornings, which I’ve never been able to go to because of work.

“What tends to happen is that after doing the breakfast show on Thursdays and ­Fridays, Saturday comes and I’m shattered.

“They’re consumed by schoolwork all week, the weekend is the only time I can spend with them.”

His own childhood influenced the decision to step away from presenting duties.

Shephard added to the Daily Mirror following his resignation last year: “My dad was a City accountant who never had the time to come to my football matches, and I know that is something he’ll never be able to get back.

“He’s been quite ill this year, it sort of came out of nowhere and took us by surprise.

“So we’ve all taken a minute to say, you know, we won’t get to the end of our lives and wish we’d worked more.

“I need to make the most of these moments with my children. Fortunately I’m in a position where I can decide to do that.”