Teen Mom Briana DeJesus’ sister Brittany nearly pops out of red bikini & slams ‘bullies’ after plastic surgery makeover

BRIANA DeJesus’ sister Brittany showed off her curves in a new mirror selfie as she almost popped out of her bikini top, and slammed body shamers who have called her “fat.”

The Teen Mom 2 star has been flaunting her new physique after undergoing her plastic surgery transformation.

Brittany showed off her post-plastic surgery body

Brittany, 29, took to Instagram last night to show off her figure in a bright orange bikini.

The reality star looked amazing as she modeled the swimsuit, which barely contained her curves.

The TV personality captioned her shot: “Thick thighs save lives” after undergoing plastic surgery earlier this year.

On Tuesday morning, Brittany said she woke up to “DMs” from people claiming they thought she was “fat” before seeing the sexy photo.

She told off fans who thought she was ‘fat’
The reality star slammed online ‘bullies’

The Florida native decided to slam the body shamers in her stories, clapping back: “I just want to tell y’all, to everyone in my DMs talking about ‘oh I thought you were fat show your body off more’, I’m not fat.

“I am chunky, however, but I’m not fat. There’s nothing wrong with being fat before y’all come for me.

“But it’s just crazy how people wanna sit here and bully me online because I wear oversized clothing and because I’m quote on quote ‘fat’ and you wanna call me the fat sister but now y’all are in my DMs f**king trying to eat my a**,” she complained.

“Make it make sense, b***h I’m thick. And I’ve been thick. And I’m forever gonna be thick. I’m never gonna be a size zero, I’m always gonna have some body ody ody to me, and just know behind those loose clothing it’s a f**king bomb a** physique.

She claimed she would ‘never’ be a ‘size zero’

Brittany has flaunted her body after having plastic surgery earlier this year[/caption]

“Don’t play me. Ask my boyfriend he knows,” she closed.

Brittany has been showing off her newfound curves after a plastic surgery makeover alongside her sister Briana DeJesus, 27, earlier this year.

In February she was spotted wearing tight athletic clothing on her birthday, as a friend took to social media to wish her a happy day.

Just weeks prior, the MTV star opened up about how she paid for her plastic surgery makeover on Twitter.


She wore a figure-hugging outfit on her birthday[/caption]


Brittany fought trolls who claimed her sister paid all her bills[/caption]

After a troll claimed that her sister pays all of her bills, Brittany stood up for her own financial situation.

“What exactly does she pay for in regards to me? Just bc we live together doesn’t mean she gives me money,” she clapped back.

“I get a check from MTV and it’s a nice one at that. I PAY FOR MY OWN S**T B***H!!!

“Today I said f**k the gym and got plastic surgery,” she added, leading some fans to think she was joking.


Briana and her older sister traveled to Miami for their procedures[/caption]


They went to Dr Miami[/caption]

“No I really got plastic surgery today lol,” she replied, confirming her outing to see Dr Miami.

Briana and her sister drove south from Orlando to visit the plastic surgeon, as they announced to the public that they were getting another cosmetic procedure.

“Saying bye to this body,” the mother of two wrote, later telling fans: “Finally feeling a little better from surgery got implant exchange and some lipo.”

The Teen Mom star’s ex Devoin Austin, with whom she shares her daughter Nova, nine, slammed her for the procedure as he asked sarcastically: “Does Dr. Miami do brain surgery?”

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