Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s husband Cole posts video of kids Watson, 4, and Layne, 3, driving mini Jeeps in their yard

TEEN Mom star Chelsea Houska’s husband Cole has shared an adorable video of their children driving mini Jeeps in their yard.

Cole, 33, took to Instagram with the sweet clip of Watson, four, and Layne, three, speeding round the garden in two separate toy cars.


Cole showed the siblings driving around in mini Jeeps[/caption]


The proud dad followed the two children with the camera[/caption]

One clip showed Layne driving behind her older brother in an identical Jeep, as he waited for her to catch up with him on the gravel path.

The brother and sister duo looked to be enjoying themselves as they hopped into one of the cars side by side as Watson drove them around.

Proud dad Cole followed them in the two clips posted to his Instagram story as the Jawga Boys song Riding High played in the background.

The children were dressed casually in shorts and t-shirts for a day out in the sunshine exploring their huge backyard.

It comes days after the Teen Mom star’s husband posted a rare makeup-free selfie of Chelsea to celebrate her 30th birthday.

The reality star looked gorgeous in the natural snap, a selfie with her three-year-old daughter Layne who shares the same birthday.

The TV personality’s freckles were showing and pretty features were highlighted in the photo that was without makeup, editing, and filters.

Cole then shared several other images of Chelsea and Layne, as he commemorated his girls on their big day.

“Beauties!! Happy 3rd Birthday to our little Angel Layne! And Happy 30th Birthday to my beautiful amazing wife! @chelseahouska,” he gushed.

“Layne has definitely been a mommas girl lately and she has the best one around to look up to. I love you both more than you will ever know and hope today has been extremely special.”


In honor of his wife’s birthday, Cole made a recreation of their first dance from their wedding for her gift.

Over the weekend, the MTV star shared a picture of an adorable hand-written note from her hubby alongside a picture of her getting a smooch.

The note read: “So for your 30th birthday, I wanted to give you three things… 

“1. Something you need or could use (which you opened today). 2. Something from me from the heart and meaningful. 3. Something you really want. 

“Please walk out this door and head to the garage barn door. (Here is a light so you can see and please don’t turn the outside lights on. 

“JUST TRUST ME. Read message on concrete at barn door and open the door with the opener,” the message finished.

Chelsea then videotaped herself walking through the pitch-black South Dakota property with a flashlight to the barn following a series of arrows written on the pavement with chalk.

When the door to the barn opened, Cole was standing in the center surrounded by rose petals and in front of a huge LED sign with their last name, DeBoer.

The Teen Mom alum was shocked, as she screamed: “Oh my god, WHAT?! Oh my god!” upon entering.

Chelsea’s husband stood waiting for a romantic dance with his wife as We Danced by Brad Paisley played in the background.

Fans had mixed feelings about the birthday surprise, one writing: “Maybe I’m old and a sucker for love, but I think it’s sweet. Every couple has their own love language and this is clearly theirs.”

However, others slammed the move as “cringey” and “trying too hard” to look good on social media. 

“I’m sorry but actually watching the video is so cringey. Imagine opening your garage and there’s Cole… just standing there,” someone ripped.


Little Watson could be seen waiting for his younger sister[/caption]


Layne followed behind him in the mini car[/caption]

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